Muddiest Runners Class of 2022!

Congratulations to the Leatherman’s Loop Class of 2022 “Muddiest Runners” — 34 very muddy trail runners who have entered the Muddiest Runner tier of Leatherman’s Loop-dom.

They achieved this by completing SEVEN Loops as of 2022. They join over 550 other runners (out of 26,000+ loop finishes) who have reached or exceeded this high mud marker.

See the entire list of Muddiest Runners here:

….and congratulations to the 34 runners below for earning their muddy stripes in 2022!:

Kevin Boyko
Ted Burbage
Jeffrey Carey
Ron Carter
Michele Celli
Christopher Chiappa
Griffin Cummings
Michael Cusack
Adam Egelberg
Steven Feller
Shane Gorman
Peter Gross
Josh Henderson
Jeff Hill
Genevieve Holcomb
Doug Johnson
Kevin Konty
Mark Kuniholm
Chris Lawrence
Tom Lindon
John Mangini
Larry Martin
Bill McBrayer
Jeff Moroch
Kristle O’Brien
Matthew O’Halloran
Chris Oberhammer
Frank Owens
Nicola Palombo
Brad Sage
Benjamin Segal
Jeffrey Slack
Kimron Thomas
Jeff Wein

The next steps after muddiest runner-hood:

  • 10 or more Loops — gets you the coveted “Red Stripe Bib” whenever you run the Loop in the future.
    • 253 Loop runners have reached this milestone — with 116 of those runners participating in the latest year (and 21 newly joining the 10+ club).
  • 20 or more Loops — if you sign up and you have more than 20 loops you get your tenure in years as your bib number — unless you already have a favored number already designated.
    • 24 Loop runners have reached this milestone (2 new this year: Joe Kapp and Erick “the Pool Guy” Wilson) — with 16 of those running in the latest year.
    • We have a rare edition 20+ Loop Club baseball hat that these runners are eligible to receive. If you are one of the 24 and don’t have this cap, contact us or email