Post Race Wrap 2003

Your race organizers would like to thank the Westchester Co. dept. of parks ,recreation and conservation and express our gratitude to commissioner Stout and Dr. Jack Robbins and Mr. John Baker.

We also thank park superintendent Beth Herr, Rick Rogers, Bobby and the rest of the staff who assisted on Sunday. The “loop” could not take place without permission from and hard work by these fine people.

We also are indebted to the great crew from the Lewisboro volunteer ambulance corps. They are a volunteer group and so we will support them as well as the Trailside nature museum with donations. We have thanked our race volunteer friends personally. They are all key players.

And now we thank all of you participants and share one story from Sundays race. Joe Stanley , running no. 17, went down hard after the first crossing. He opened a gash in the palm of his hand which would need 7 stiches. Joe finished in 46:14 and remarked that his wound was shaped like the letter “L” as in “Leatherman”.