2003 Results Republished

Click below to see 2003 Results. 1 Mark Clifford 30-39 39:15:00 2 Tim Donahue 30-39 41:04:00 3 George (Cannonball) Buchanan 40-49 41:28:00 4 Douglas Hegley 40-49 41:54:00 5 Steffan Freeman 19-29 42:06:00 6 Henrik Thomson 19-29 42:23:00 7 John Sabatino 30-39 42:30:00 8 Muddy Guv 30-39 42:54:00 9 John Trunik 30-39 42.58 10 Charlie Iselin … Read more

Getting Dirty: Leatherman’s Loop – the athletic equivalent of jazz

Leatherman’s Loop • April 25, 2003 • Westchester County, NY Reprinted from old web site. A nice article by Jim Gerweck from April 2003. Titled “Getting Dirty: Leatherman’s Loop – the athletic equivalent of jazz”.  Jim has run the race timing for the Leatherman’s Loop for many years. If, as Marty Liquori once opined, road … Read more

Post Loop 2003 Buzz

A full 6 weeks post race and “Loop” headquaters is still buzzing with activity. Here’s the scoop. Dave Cope and I were recently interviewed by RUNNING TIMES mag. Look for a feature article on the “Loop” this summer. Some of you runners were also interviewed. They are trying to figure out why our event has … Read more

Post Race Wrap 2003

Your race organizers would like to thank the Westchester Co. dept. of parks ,recreation and conservation and express our gratitude to commissioner Stout and Dr. Jack Robbins and Mr. John Baker. We also thank park superintendent Beth Herr, Rick Rogers, Bobby and the rest of the staff who assisted on Sunday. The “loop” could not … Read more

Report from Race HQ 2003…

Only 13 days left until race day and its the countdown for the directors here at the leatherman loop headquarters. One of the next biggest tasks at hand is to register the 350 pre entries that have accumulated to date. It is not just a matter of separating into age category and color coding the … Read more

Good News! MUD!

GOOD NEWS!!! A few of us ran this morning in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation and were treated to some of the deepest mud that we have ever experienced. The mud is so soft that rocks and boulders previously on the surface have sunk a foot or so into it. At points along the trails, we … Read more