Leatherman’s Loop Newsletter — Spring 2005

Leatherman’s Loop Newsletter   —   Spring 2005 

Welcome to the pages of the first ever “Loop” newsletter!  There seems to be a large number of us who are caught up with the magic of this unique event. My plan is to reward you with a look ahead into the plans for the April 24, 2005 race as well as to offer a few pieces of “Loop” history. Also, a complete list of the runners who have been  named to our new honorary advisory board of directors is included. More on that later……

·       How about a 4 foot by 8 foot course map?

Bill Bradsell has kindly offered to help construct and paint a large course map complete with some topographical features.  If all goes well it will be displayed next to the teepee on race day.

·       Kerry is back

We are pleased to have Kerry Arsenault back this year after missing her for the last several Loops. She is our only four time winner and holds the current course record for women (44:50).

·       Red  Sox banner on display

There will be a Red Sox banner hanging at the starting line this year. It will be there to satisfy a bet which I lost to my friend from Cape Cod. What can I say?

·       Ceremonial first  pitch by Craig Swan

We hope to start this year’s race with  a ceremonial first pitch thrown by former  N.Y. Met ace Craig Swan. Ken Littlefield has offered to serve as Craig’s personal catcher for the event.

·       Register to run on line

We have finally entered the 21st century!  Visit us at (www.leathermansloop.org) and save yourself some time and a stamp.  Thanks to Mitch for setting this up.

·       Electronic scoring

Last year we had a timer malfunction minutes before the start of the race and it could have been a scoring disaster.  So this year we have decided to pass the responsibility for timing and scoring this years race to a professional outside service. (And that makes one less thing for your organizers to stress about!)

·       www.rolfanker.com (https://leathermansloop.org/old/Rolf_Anker_Collection.html or in the 2011 photo reorganization: http://smu.gs/ulDRvF)

Check out this site and see if you are in any of the black and white photos that Rolf has taken over the last three years. They are amazing and prints are available.

·       Last year’s winner is world class

Tommy Nohilly won last years race in a time of 38:33 and apparently threw in a third river crossing by mistake. Tommy competed for the U.S. in the 1999 world cross country championship in Ireland.

·       Sponsor free corporation free event

Some of you are aware that the “Loop” has always been a sponsor free event. The thought of having a corporate presence in the park never felt right to us. In fact, we believe that many of our participants use this race as an opportunity to step away from their business oriented lives.  This means that the runners underwrite the full cost of staging the event as well as the charitable contributions it spins off.  Every year we make a significant donation to a local charity. Over the years  we have supported the Trailside nature Museum in the park, The Mianus Gorge Preserve, the North Castle Land Trust, the men’s shelter at the County airport, and the History Lovers Club of Bedford. Also, We have purchased a Summers worth of farm produce for needy families in Brewster and made food donations to Neighborhood Link in Mount Kisco.

·       Tee shirt Tim

Tim Parshall is hard at work again on tee shirt art. He has drawn the design for all but four of the race shirts. Last year Tim won the 50+ age category with a time of (44:22). What a guy!

·       Leatherman Stan will be back

Stan Telega (our own resident leatherman) has agreed to wear the suit again this year. He is a highly respected local historian and a member of the board of the Bedford Hills museum.  Make some noise when you see him and feel free to ask to pose with him for photographs.

·       Inspirational race history

In 1999 Ray Viscome completed the race in (1:02:14). He ran with a coil spring like devise attached at the knee of his missing leg. His friends carried him over both streams because he risked loosing his prosthesis if it got wet.

In 2000 a blind runner named Dan Coster completed the race in (1:33:33). He ran tethered to his personal trainer and stayed on his feet all the way.

In 2001, 12 year old Griffin “Buck” Farro was knocked out of the race when he was hit broadside by a charging Deer before mile 2. “Buck has been named to the new advisory board as the park wildlife liaison.

·       The string continues

Joe Stanley and Rick Hubbell are the only runners who have completed all 18 “loops”. They are named as co-chairman of the new board. Bob Goldblatt and Roger Borsett will be co vice chairman each having run 16 “loops”. Drew Bradley has managed to finish 13th in his 13th race and 14th in his 14th race. I can’t wait to see where Drew finishes this year. . . .

·       Meet the new board

The board positions require no time or commitment from those named. They are however our way of acknowledging your involvement at the highest of levels.  You have carried the legend and the success of the Leatherman’s Loop on your backs and contributed greatly to the spirit of the event. This list of race veterans is far from complete so please let us know who we missed.

 Joe Stanley (chairman) Rick Hubbell(chairman)
 Bob Goldblatt(vice-chairman) Roger Borsett(vice-chairman)
 Mike Paletta(senior ambassador) Doug Goldblatt(senior ambassador)
 John Krasniewicz(senior ambassador) Kate Paletta(senior ambassador)
 Nick Ohnell(senior diplomat) Carol Kane(senior diplomat)
 Hernando Munoz(senior diplomat) John Barry(senior diplomat)
 Gary Esposito(diplomat) Dick Northworthy(diplomat)
 Anton Deiters(diplomat) Daniel Ingegno(diplomat)
 Gerry Sullivan(elite runner liaison) Tim Parshall(resident artist)
 “Cannonball” Buchanan(footing safety advisor) Danny Martin(spiritual advisor)
 Griffin “Buck” Farro(wildlife liaison) Drew Marchiano(official starter)
 Geoff Steadman(timing accuracy certifier) Bill Bradsell(chief map maker)
 John Baker(county liaison) Ann Singer(future leatherman)
 John Bria(diplomat) Wallie Jahn(diplomat)
 Rick Chalmers(diplomat) Kevin Cotter(diplomat)
 John Sabatino Robert Hallinan
 Tony Muffatti Kerry Arsenault
 Paul Muessig Abby Doolittle
 Drew Bradley Sarah Polirer
 Kitty Ault Shirley Iselin
 Eddie”the plumber” Donlon Chris Robustelli
 Karen Muffatti Lee Saroken
 Samantha Tracy (junior diplomat) Tabitha Goulart (junior diplomat)
 John”the coach” Downey Patrick Hubbell
 Mel Cowgill (senior diplomat)  Don MacKenzie (senior diplomat) 
Photos by Rolf Anker

We all look forward to seeing you in April!  This year promises to be true to the continuing tradition and spirit of that unique event known as the Leatherman’s Loop.   All of our best!

Your Race Directors,

Tony, Judy, Dave and Liz