Important Information for Participants in the 2005 Leatherman’s Loop

To: All Who Plan to Participate in the 2005 Leatherman’s Loop  

Your race directors have taken time to put together some important instructions regarding Sunday’s race.   Pre-registration is at an all time high (700). So we will need to work together to ensure that race day goes smoothly.  The entire park staff and our 30 volunteers will all be working to make this event memorable  for each of you.

1) ARRIVE EARLY!  Please plan to arrive at the park before 8:30.  Traffic backs up considerably at the park entrance as race time approaches. Please be patient.  To speed entry to the park along, try to have the exact $8 parking fee ready before you enter the park.

2) BRING A FULL CHANGE OF CLOTHING! You will get wet and you will get muddy. Where and how you change is up to you.

3) LISTEN ATTENTIVELY TO PRE RACE ANNOUNCEMENTS! We only get to see you guys once a year and need about 5 minutes before the start. Danny Martin will give a brief poem/blessing to set the tone. Also, you will be instructed about the hazards related to the stream crossings. Hidden boulders and slippery ledges lurk under the surface of the water. Slow down and DON’T DIVE into the water under any circumstances.

4) LISTEN FOR THE GUN! Craig Swan will start the race by delivering a ceremonial first pitch. Those of you in the back won’t be able to see so Chief Marchiano will fire the gun when the ball hits the glove.

5) WATCH FOR THE LEATHERMAN! Remember that this event celebrates the life of the Leatherman. Learn his story and by all means make some noise if he is out and about on Sunday.

6) SCORING WILL NOT INVOLVE POSTERBOARDS THIS YEAR! With an expected field of over 1000 runners we have been forced to give up our customary scoring and posting method. Printed lists of finishers with time and place will be available soon after the finish. Also, Mitch plans to post the complete list on the web site the same afternoon. Check it out at

7) STAY ON COURSE IF YOU CAN’T CONTINUE! There will be four “sweeps” running the course following the slower runners. If for any reason you can’t continue wait for them to get to you to assess your needs. The park is nearly 5,000 acres so don’t leave the course unless you know exactly where you are going.

Good luck and have fun,

Tony, Judy, David, Liz, and Mitch