Leatherman’s Loop News (Apr 18, 2007)

Welcome to the 21st Leatherman’s Loop!

Your event organizers are honored and greatful that so many of you believe that participating in the Loop is a meaningful endeavor.  These contacts contain important information which will help all of you get through Sunday in a safe, efficient and memorable way.

First, you need to plan to try and arrive at the “rez” by 8:00. Expect congestion getting in to the park and at the parking.

Please have the exact $8.00 parking fee in hand as you enter the park. Park tight because we expect at least 300 more cars than last year. Please car pool!

In fairness to all who do arrive early we plan to start the race as close to 9:00 as possible.

Remember that the later you arrive the farther you will be from the staging area.

Tomorrow I will send you important safety instructions for the actual run.