Leatherman’s Loop News (Apr 19, 2007)

Hello again from your event management team.

This note will contain very important safety instructions for you. Please read it carefully.

We need absolute silence during the pre-race instructions so that everyone has a chance to hear. There will be a short blessing/poem by Danny and the Leatherman himself will start you on your way.

There are many more of you than the trails can handle. I appeal to the less competitive runners to voluntarily hold back at the start to let the field spread out as much as possible. I know that this is a lot to ask but the future of the event (as we all have come to know it) is hanging in the balance.

Stop to enter the streams. Do not enter at full stride. Do not dive in either stream under any circumstances. You can expect mud that is mid-calf deep for long streaches. Do not attempt to bushwack around the mud and standing water. It it futile so please stay close to the trail markings to lessen the trail impact.

You all need to bring a full change of clothing and a towel. Many changes are in store for this event if it is allowed to continue. Please work with the organizers to make #21 a safe orderly and memorable event. One more contact for you tomorrow.