Leatherman’s Loop News (Apr 21, 2007)

Hello again from your event organizers. Preparations to accommodate you tomorrow are full tilt. We promise to do our best to keep things safe and orderly to facilitate your enjoyment. Your numbers ase staggering. Please remember to arrive early. Do not let your cars idle when you park in the field.

Our hope has always been that participation in the Loop will in some way bring about some personal, community or Global good. We have locked the corporate/business interests out while opening the doors wide to the evolving spirit of the event. You are all players and this is your race. Sunday is Earth Day and we ask you to keep that in mind. More speciffically, the focus this year is on the critical threat of climate change brought about be greenhouse gas emissions. Your spiritual advisor (Dr. Danny Martin) has dedicated himself fully to this issue. Funds from this years will be used in support of his efforts. Expect one more contact today containing Danny’s wisdom and poetry.

The Loop has come of age and it is time for me and the Cope/Godino management team to cut it loose. This will be my last year on the step ladder. I hope to join your ranks next year. We promise to keep your event in good hands.

Bless you all and have a great run,