Leatherman’s Loop News (May 4, 2007)

Hello again to all you loop enthusiasts,

Some of you have been asking for photos and there are some good ones from this year: http://picasaweb.google.com/stacey.smith100/2007_04_22LeathermanSLoop will link you to the work of Stacey Smith. Bob Goldblatt has provided a disc of photos that he took on the run and we hope to get them up on the web site. We also expect more taken by Robin Myers from Team Mossman. (2011 update: see these photos from 2007 here: http://leathermansloop.smugmug.com/2007)

This was the first Loop in years that nearly started on time. Your cooperation greatly eased the burden of getting everyone parked and ready to run. The County and the park staff was most impressed and welcomes you back next year.

Mud ahead of me as I run. Mud below me as I run. Mud beside me as I run. Mud above me as I run (yikes!).