Race Director Announcement

Leatherman’s Loop News (Nov 26, 2007)

Leatherman Harriers:

My name is Mike Paletta and I will be the new Race Director for the 2008 Loop.  I wanted to introduce myself and some new people involved with the Loop.

Kate Paletta: My wife and Loop Runner for over 10 years will be full time support.

Rob Cummings: Loop Runner since 2002 and new Leatherman Loop Technical Director. Rob will keep us up to date via the web and email etc.  Some of you may know him as the first Loop runner to video the Loop while running it.

Bill Bradsell: Very fast Loop runner for over 15 years.  New Leatherman Loop utility man!

Mike Paletta: Loop Runner for 20 years or so.  First time Race Director. Cheering lunatic at stream crossing every year!

I feel very fortunate to have inherited this event from Tony, Judy, Dave, Liz, and all the volunteers.  The uniqueness of this event is a direct result of these wonderful people and the incredible Pound Ridge Reservation. I will honor their race and utilize their input going forward.

My wife and I have been celebrating the Loop with all our friends and family for the past 10 years.  We try to recruit more very year!  We love to see the Loop work its magic on New Runners!

The Loop for 2008 is on April 27.  Start time is 9:00am but get there early.

For 2008, there will be a few minor changes, mostly at the request of the Westchester County Parks Department.

A)  Registration will be pre-race only – No race day registration.  Online registration opens 01/01/08 12:01am.

B)  The running field will be capped at 900.

C)  The County Parking Fee for the reservation will be included in the registration fee.  No parking fee on Race Day to simplify entry and parking. Carpooling also speeds things up and helps our planet.

I will keep you posted as we get closer to race day.

I look forward to continuing Tony’s enthusiasm directing the Loop.  If you know Tony it was not about directing the Loop but more about connecting to all that is the Leatherman’s Loop (the people, the legend, the history, the land, the spirit).

We can all thank Tony when we see him at the Starting Line of the 2008 Loop. His First Loop run in 13 years.

I look forward to seeing you all at the 2008 Loop!


Michael Paletta

Mike Paletta, Kate Paletta, Tony Godino, and Rob Cummings in the Meadow before the 2008 Loop.

Thanks to the many Loop Volunteers over the years. The race would not be possible without all of you!