2008 Photo Links – Send Us Your Photos

Here are some photo links from the 2008 Leatherman’s Loop.  Some of the services require you to sign in before viewing the photos.  I have noted these with an asterisk (*) before the link.

Here is a link to a collection of photos Ciorsdan Conran took on race day — Click to check if she caught you starting or finishing!  The link is here:  http://smu.gs/15KA3aw

A smaller set of photos – some dupes from above (but in chronological order..).  Also has photos of the hard working volunteers from the weekend before the Loop and marking the course the day before. Tony, Mike & Bill were there.  Special thanks to Clay and the other Team Mossman members for extra effort coming from far away.  The Leatherman Harriers and the staff at the Reservation thank you!:  http://leathermansloop.smugmug.com/2008.  Find the photo of Tony helping out the runners by reducing those stumps from ankle twisters to just a small bump on the trail…

There are others who took photos – Charles Daviet is a professional photographer came with some friends and sent in this link:
also he has a great photo essay about the (now fallen) Meadow Oak:

Also got another note from Kim Becker with a link (*you have to sign up for snapfish): http://snurl.com/9q41z

Another one from Lesli Hiller (*you have to sign up for Kodak Gallery): http://snurl.com/9q3w7

Cara Hamann sent this link: http://s144.photobucket.com/albums/r200/chamann/Leathermans%20Loop%202008/?start=0

More pics here from Steve Mele: http://wssac.shutterfly.com/329

And some older photos…
– 2007 shots: http://leathermansloop.smugmug.com/2007
– 2004 run with camera: http://leathermansloop.smugmug.com/2004