Leatherman’s Loop Winner Recap 1987-2009

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For the 22 years the Leatherman’s Loop has been run, there have been two slightly different courses.  Plus one “detour” course used for one year due to heavy rains.
The initial course, a slightly shorter course, was run from 1987-1992.  In 1993, the course was changed to its current layout. 

The new course replaced the “log crossing” with the first river crossing when the log that served as an ad-hoc bridge tumbled into the river and was swept away (not during the Loop, thankfully).  The new course also bypassed “The Pit” which is a sand hill just before the water stop.  A rare plant species was identified near the base of the pit sand climb and the park officials and loop organizers deemed it prudent to let the plant grow in peace. 

One year, 2007, the Splashdown (second stream crossing) was rerouted over dry land.  The river had such a high water level due to days of rain prior to (and during) the Loop that the currents were thought too dangerous to cross at that point.  This one-year-only change added approximately ~0.2miles to the course in 2007.  In 2008 the course was restored to its proper length.

Tommy Nohilly has finished first in four Loops, including the most recent one.  He has won 4 out of the past 5 Loops.

Kerry Arsenault has finished first in a record six Loops, starting in 1994.  She just missed a seventh last year, coming second after Kristin Simonsen.  Kerry also holds the current course record (44:50) for the women’s division. 

Mountain runner Dave Dunham holds the overall course record (36:51).  Other multiple Loop winners include Andy Moffatt (2), David Litoff (2), and Gerry Sullivan (2).  Cindy Davis is the only other woman to win multiple Loops.  She won the first three Loops held (1987-1989).

Joe Stanley won the first Leatherman’s Loop in 1987, beating a field of 98 starters.  Joe is registered to run this year (2009) and has run in every Leatherman’s Loop since the beginning.  If you see him (wearing Bib #23, along with Rick Hubbell, the only other 23-timer) congratulate him on his notable feat!

The top finishers are listed below.  At the very bottom of the article is a link to all of the online results.

UPDATE: 2009 Winners have been added.  Times were a bit longer than usual, most likely caused by the 90 degree heatwave – another loop record and about 40 degrees above normal for a typical late April morning.



1987 Joe Stanley Jr. 38:17
1988 Mark MacIntyre 35:16*
1989 Guy Heatehrs 37:22
1990 Andy Moffatt 36:04
1991 Andy Moffatt 37:23
1992 L. J. Brigg 37:17
1993 Dave Dunham 36:51**
1994 Scott Roberts 38:44
1995 Tom Church 39:00
1996 David Litoff 38:51
1997 David Litoff 40:02
1998 Tom Church 39:56
1999 Jesse Tisch 39:18
2000 Gerry Sullivan 40:06
2001 Gerry Sullivan 39:01
2002 Rob Caracciolo 39:23
2003 Mark Clifford 39:15
2004 Tommy Nohilly 38:33
2005 Tommy Nohilly 38:54
2006 Tommy Nohilly 39:53
2007 Stephen Santore 40:08***
2008 Tommy Nohilly 39:01
2009 Tommy Nohilly 41:07
1987 Cindy Davis 45:49
1988 Cindy Davis 42:51*
1989 Cindy Davis 43:05
1990 Emie Barnes 47:31
1991 Paula Kelly 51:54
1992 Jan Vermilye 46:27
1993 Dee Dee Forte 56:49
1994 Kerry Arsenault 47:11
1995 Gillian Beschlass 45:38
1996 Kerry Arsenault 44:50**
1997 Kerry Arsenault 45:50
1998 Kerry Arsenault 46:24
1999 Lori Jorgensen 48:24
2000 Beth Chernalis 48:48
2001 Leslie Krichko 47:31
2002 Ellen Kvinta 50:09
2003 Maria Caldonia 52:02
2004 Erica Merrill 50:14
2005 Kerry Arsenault 46:57
2006 Monika Schnee 50:23
2007 Kerry Arsenault 49:27***
2008 Kristin Simonsen 48:02
2009 Kerry Arsenault 51:11

* Short Course Record

** Current Course Record

*** Long Course (detour around splashdown) Record

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