New York City Tops Loop Registration List

imageOver one hundred runners registered for the 2009 Leatherman’s Loop from New York City, by far the largest group.  The village of Bedford, New York comes out second with 68 registrants.  Ridgefield, Connecticut places third with 65 runners.  The top 10 is rounded out by Katonah (39), South Salem (35), Brooklyn (35), Pound Ridge (34), Stamford (24), Darien (23), and Chappaqua (21). 

Over 200 other towns are represented in the Leatherman’s Loop.  It looks like every town within a 25 mile radius has at least one representative.

New Jersey is sending 78 runners.  Massachusetts has 16.  Pennsylvania has 10 hardy souls making the trek.  We even have 5 Mainers, 3 New Hampshireites, and a Vermonter heading down to see what spring looks like in the tropics!  Rhode Island is sending someone inland to check out the woods.

Runners have registered from as far away as Quebec, North Carolina, Washington state, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Virginia, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Illinois, and California.  Last year we had a runner from Hong Kong, but we don’t expect many from that far away. 

Welcome everyone!  We are looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  Keep training… See you in the mud!