The Old Leather Man - An Evening With Dan DeLuca at the Ossining Library

The Ossining Public Library and the Ossining Historical Society Museum present:

The Old Leather Man, an evening with Author Dan DeLuca.

Author Dan DeLuca will be speaking at the Ossining Public Library on March 18th at 7:30.  The topic will be our old friend the Leather Man. 

Dan has recently published a book about the Leatherman.  We highlighted it in this story here.

From the pdf leaflet available at the library website:

Who was the Leather Man? 

An eccentric man dressed entirely in scraps of leather appeared in 1856, wandering country roads and sleeping in caves and huts. He traveled his famous circuit through Connecticut and New York, 365 miles every 34 days, until his death in 1889. To this day, the Leatherman’s identity is still unknown. Join us for fascinating look at this mysterious figure.

Dan DeLuca is a genealogist, historian, and retired teacher. After decades of research, he has compiled a comprehensive account of this unique character and his travels. The book
is published by Wesleyan University Press.