Help feed the Leatherman!

imageThe Old Leatherman came to the same places on such a regular schedule that people “could set their clocks by his arrival.” In each community he passed, the Leatherman had identified a home or two where he knew friendly people would provide food whenever he appeared. Some residents would set plates of food out for him when he was expected, and the Leatherman would come by and clean the plate. This year for the loop we are asking our runners to “put the plate of food out” for the Leatherman.

We will be collecting food for the Community Center Of Northern Westchester. The food pantry at The Center needs our help as more and more people everyday show up at their door in need of help. The Center’s mission is to improve the well-being of our neighbors. That is what many people years ago did for the Leatherman.

The Center is in need of canned goods, soups, pasta, bags of rice, cold cereals (nutritious), peanut butter and beverages. We will have a designated location set up near bib pick-up to collect food donations on the day of the Loop. This is not a requirement. Help if you can.

The Leatherman depended on the charity and kindness of strangers. Let us extend the wonderful goodness and spirit of our loop, as we gather food for our neighbors.