New Registration Opening Time for 2010 Leatherman’s Loop

We have moved the 2010 Leatherman’s Loop registration opening time to 10:00AM on 1/1/2010.  Check back to the website then for signup links.

imageAfter thinking about it for a few days (and receiving several thoughtful emails from runners) we have decided to change the time of the registration opening.  It makes both the management of the registration and the registration itself a bit easier.  If you have a question, contact us using the form here.

When we originally set the date for 1/1/2010 just after midnight, the intent was to mirror the enthusiastic response we got from folks after we announced in late 2007 that registration would open for the 2008 Loop at midnight on 1/1/2008.  What we did not factor in was that in 2008 it took 32 days to fill up the loop but in 2009 it only took 16 hours.  This year we expect registration to go very quickly—similar to last year—and we have to keep close tabs on it. 

Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!  See you in 2010!