Loop T-Shirt History

We’ve collected a bunch of of logos and t-shirt designs from the Leatherman’s Loop.  More shirts to be added later!  Many of the t-shirts were designed and drawn by longtime loop participant and artist Tim Parshall.  Last year the shirt was designed and painted by local artist and teacher Heather Kranz.

They are now in order from 2002-2009.  Some years have multiple colors.  The first image is from the course map display built by 20+ year loop runner Bill Bradsell.
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EDIT: Here are two more Leatherman’s Loop t-shirt designs.  The first one is from the first Loop in 1987 and features the text “X-C like it oughta be.”  The art was drawn by Loop co-founder Dave Cope and is still used on the race bibs today.  The second design is from the second Loop in 1988.  The design is based on a photograph of a runner in the first Loop.

The second design is rarely seen in the wild but you occasionally see runners and volunteers at the Loop with the first t-shirt on.
UPDATE: You can find at least the first 25 years of Loop t-shirt designs in this page here: http://smu.gs/lSIwdv

We also know that there are a number of custom t-shirts that groups have made over the years especially for the Leatherman’s Loop.  Groups or individuals who have crafted special t-shirts (or other garments) please send us your logo or a shot of your creation—either close-up or modeled by a member (or members) of your group.