Working Through Interrupted Registrations

The registration from this point forward is an ‘invitational’ style registration.  Invitations have gone out to those runners who contacted us on registration day (1/1/2010) about problems they encountered during registration attempts while the registration was open.

Each registration invitation email has a personal code that can be used by only one runner for the Loop.  If, in your original email or contact form to us, you noted problems with more than one runner in your registration attempts, we will send you one or more additional codes when we reach your spot in the list. 

Some runners have started receiving registration notices via email and have since been able to register for the Loop. The runners who are getting these email notes were among the first to have problems on January 1st (registration day).  As you know, we have a lot of people who had problems so please be patient. 

We are proceeding slowly and deliberately since this is not an open registration. That means there is no immediate time pressure on runners to register.  However, if you receive an invitation but don’t need it for some reason (change in plans, already registered, etc.) please let us know so we can free up that registration slot for others. Also—if a runner does not use their code within a reasonable time period (we think a week or so is reasonable) we will de-authorize the initial code and recycle that spot to the next runner on the list. We need to keep close tabs on the number of registrants.

We are striving to be as fair as possible with this process but will not be able to accommodate everyone who wishes to run in the Loop. 

If you are contacting us for the first time, we are collecting names for a notification list for next year’s Loop.  We already have over 650 names on the waiting list for this year.

If you have any questions,

please contact us using the website form

.  We appreciate your help and patience!