Group Run #5: Report

image A fine Sunday morning greeted 5 runners (Ciorsdan, Lee, Debbie, Rose, and Rob) at the Lewisboro Town Park.  55 degrees, slightly overcast. 

Course was the ‘Western Figure 8’ Loop.  Started up the big hill out of the parking lot then left on the Deer Hollow trail from the Town Park blue trail.  Past the JT Farm fields along the Waccabuc River and made the first right onto the Loop course trail known as Deer Hollow Hill.  The course was still a bit wet but the edges were passable without too much mud.  From there went up the gradual slope and over the ridge taking the second white trail connector on the left.  This takes you through the Pine Forest section of the Loop course.  Went down the hill towards the rushing Cross River and took the switchback on the Brown trail towards Splashdown and the course homestretch.  No river crossing today—the water is still draining from Monday and Tuesday’s deluge.  (Maybe next week!) 

By this time the group was running 5 different courses at different paces.  Three of us met up between the Meadow start and the Meadow Oak at about the halfway mark.  The group of three headed back up the Brown trail to the Town Park.  Two alternate routes back were 1.) retracing the Deer Hollow/JT Farm trail back to the Town Park trails and 2.) exiting through a spur trail onto Mark Mead Road and then getting back to the Town Park along Route 35! 

Hope to see a big crowd next week.  Two more training Sundays before April 25th!