Part 2 - “The Loop Lottery” is OPEN!

Click the link below to sign up for the Loop Lottery:

Entry into the Loop Lottery is open until 1/25/11 and drawing is on 1/28/11.  You will receive a Loop Lottery Confirmation Email after entering the lottery.

If you sign up for the Loop Lottery we will ask for your payment information.  IMPORTANT: Your card will be charged ONLY if you win a spot.  The charge will be made as soon as the lottery selections are made on 1/28/11 if you are selected in the lottery.  If you are not selected in the lottery, your card will not be charged. 

More Loop Lottery details can be found here.

Odds of selection are based on how many people sign up for the Loop Lottery.

Let us know via the contact form here if you have any questions or post your question to the comments link below.

[Part 1 – “Open Registration” is Full]