Registration Continues with Loop Lottery

The Loop Lottery closes on Tuesday 1/25/2011.  The drawing will be 1/28/2011.

You can check your registration status via this search page:  This also works to check your Loop Lottery entry status if you are entered in the lottery (you have to select “Leatherman’s Loop Lottery” as the event).

If you are interested in running the Loop in 2011 we advise you to sign up for the Loop Lottery

Stage 1 was filled around 11:30am on 1/11/11.  We had approximately 1500 computers attempting to access the registration site at 11am on the 11th for the 500 open spots.  This is the reason why some who started the registration screens were blocked out—there were too many in the queue ahead and the system shut registration down.  It was not done maliciously, it was just the reality of the limit to the number of spots. 

If you do not have a registration confirmation email and your name is not in the event listing link above, our advice is to sign up for the Loop Lottery (link below).  That way you are in the system and have a shot at one of the 700 remaining spots.

If you have any issues, contact us.

We contacted runners directly who had problems during initial open registration.  The open spots went very quickly—as we expected.  Many people were unable to register for the open spots since they filled so quickly.  If you have a question or follow up, please contact us with this form.

We appreciate your notes of encouragement and suggestions to improve on the registration process.  We are focusing on 2011 and the Loop Lottery now and will most likely be making changes next year.

Don’t forget our new fall race “Run The Farm” which we kicked off this past October and hope to repeat this coming October.