Church Tavern Biathlon is New Event in South Salem NY

Friend of the Loop Brian Stempel is race director for The Church Tavern Biathlon hosted by St. John’s Church in South Salem, NY. (South Salem is home of the Mud Flats through Deer Hollow sections of the Leatherman’s Loop course.) 

From the registration page: “On Monday September 5, 2011 (Labor Day) St. John’s Episcopal Parish will be hosting the first annual South Salem ‘Church Tavern’ Biathlon.  Race start time is 10:00 AM and will proceed rain or shine.  The Biathlon consists of a 6.5 mile bike and a 4 mile run.  One of the main features of both courses is a steep trip up Church Tavern Road.  Church Tavern was named after St. John’s Church because the church functioned as a tavern for part of it’s life in the late 1700’s.”

Check the registration page here for more details and a course overview. We are looking forward to this event!