Carpool to the Loop

If you are registered for the Loop (April 21st, 2013), look to get into or create a carpool!

Carpooling to the Loop is a time honored tradition and helps everyone out in many ways:

  • Less gas burned = save money.
  • Fewer cars on the road = eases bottlenecks coming into the park.
  • Fewer cars in the parking lot = easier and quicker parking on race day.
  • Less money spent on parking = more money to donate to charity.
Did you know the $10 per car park entry fee has been included with the race registration fee since 2008? To ease entry, a park employee keeps a count of cars and the Loop organizers write the park a check afterwards based on the number of cars entering.

If you are signed up solo and don’t know of anyone to carpool with, leave a comment below or on Facebook. Last year we got a few people together just through comments on this website. And make a new friend in the bargain! Just make sure you bring a plastic bag, a change of clothes & shoes, and towel so you don’t mess up your friend’s car.

If you are coming from NYC on the train (Metro-North Harlem line – Katonah Station is best option) you can either take a cab from the station or leave a comment below looking for a ride or cab share. [Katonah Taxi 914-232-5772]

The New York Trail and Ultrarunning Meetup group got a bunch of folks together for last year’s Loop. Join up there and post a note asking about a ride.