30th Loop Tomorrow!

To All Registered Runners: We are setting up at the entrance to the Rez for 10AM early bib pickup TODAY! (The Loop is tomorrow.) Come get your bib (and shirt if ordered) one day early between 10am and 12noon Saturday, April 23rd. For those who like the summary – ARRIVE EARLY and Pack a Change of Clothes! Here are MAPS … Read more

2016 Loop Carpool

If you are registered for the 30th Loop (April 24, 2016), look to get into or create a loop carpool! Did you know the regular $10 per car park entry fee is included with the race registration fee? We started doing that in 2008 to speed up the line of cars that snakes out of the park on … Read more

28th Leatherman’s Loop in 2 Weeks!

Leatherman’s Loop News, Volume 28, Issue 1: 28th Leatherman’s Loop in 2 Weeks! To: All Who are Registered for the 2014 Leatherman’s Loop: The snow is melted… the water is cold but flowing… buds are popping… peepers are peeping… That means spring is here once again… Time for the 28th running of the Leatherman’s Loop Trail Race on April … Read more

Carpool to the Loop

If you are registered for the Loop (April 21st, 2013), look to get into or create a carpool! Carpooling to the Loop is a time honored tradition and helps everyone out in many ways: Less gas burned = save money. Fewer cars on the road = eases bottlenecks coming into the park. Fewer cars in the parking … Read more

26th Loop in Two Weeks!

Leatherman’s Loop News, Volume 26, Issue 1: Two Weeks Until 26th Loop (Note: this went out as an email to all registered runners for the 2012 Loop. If you did not receive it via email and you are registered, you may want to check your spam folder and set up leathermansloop@gmail.com on your address book/white … Read more

Loop Carpool Forum

If you are looking for or offering a ride to the Loop check the Carpool Forum here: http://www.leathermansloop.org/index.php/forums/viewforum/6/ There is currently a request for a ride from the Katonah Train Station from a NYC runner and an offer for a ride from Old Greenwich.  Post your ride offer or need on the carpool forum – … Read more