Founder’s Note 2016

Dear Runners,

Thank you for entering the Leatherman’s Loop lottery. If you are reading this you have completed the first step — one more step to go. Official notifications will be sent out on Friday and will include important information. Step two must be completed by Tuesday the 19th in order to get a confirmation number. You are half way there!

The entry fee has been bumped up by $5. Keep in mind that the event is and always has been sponsor free. In essence, each of you are sponsors. Also, the $10 per car parking fee which is paid to the County of Westchester is part of the race entry fee. That fee includes all cars including spectators and we are happy to pay it.

My role as always is to try and make your participation in the Loop memorable. In celebration of the 30th anniversary I promise to do my best. Your role is to try and match the energy and enthusiasm that Danny shows in the video clip from 2002 that is linked below. Let’s all make this next one extra special.


Video clip from Danny Martin at the 2002 Leatherman’s Loop. A very rainy day — and it marked Danny’s first appearance at the Loop.

Further reading in the Founder’s Newsletter series, published at uncertain dates with a flexible schedule not known in advance…

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