Here’s to the Great Loop we are all on

Dear Loop Friends,

A few weeks back was the 2017 Loop which many felt was one of the best for a number of reasons, including weather and numbers, but especially the almost overwhelming beauty. Of course it is beauty that we celebrate every year as the metaphor of our gathering that clearly moves us deeply and inspires us with new hope and possibility: ‘Beauty before me as I run…’ It is something our world is hungry for.

Danny and I have been talking about how to deepen and extend the Loop experience in our lives but also in our world and thought it would be good to begin by asking you to share what the Loop means to you. Danny has reflected in his recent Blog post on some of the elements that he finds meaningful: Take a look and see what his thoughts stir in you and let us know what surfaces. You can comment directly on Danny’s Blog or write to us at the Loop.

We dedicated the Loop this year to the feminine spirit: the birthing energy that is reflected in the new life of spring but also in the leadership role women are taking today in birthing a new society as our old (fear-driven, masculine) one becomes increasingly inadequate. Perhaps, thinking about this might offer a focus for deepening and extending the Loop experience for us all: How do you think you might support this feminine spirit in your life?

Here’s to the great Loop we are all on.


Danny Martin at the 2017 Leatherman’s Loop