2018 Leatherman’s Loop Photos

Carol Gordon – thank you for 10 years of photographing the Loop!

In 2018 the team was out in force snapping away on the literally picture perfect Loop morning. Since 2009 we have organized a team of volunteer photographers to take photos and sometimes video. That’s 10 YEARS for some of these die-hard photographers! You know what that means: the 10 year veterans are highlighted in RED!

Below are the photographer names and the locations they took photos at in 2018 along with links to their albums online. Some are broken up into different albums if they moved around to different spots:

  • Carol Gordon took her usual wonderful photos pre-race, at the start of the race, at Kimberly Bridge, and Post-Loop photos. 
  • Ciorsdan Conran took pre-race photos, more at the start of the Loop, got more photos just up the hill from Splashdown, took photos after the Loop, and even produced a Splashdown Go Pro video.
  • Chris Reinke covered the Mud Flats for his 9th straight year. Chris was prepared with waders for Loop day, but apparently needed sneaker detectors as multiple runners lost shoes right in front of him.
  • John Cummings took photos around the start and of the start.
  • Bram Wegener took pre-Loop photos, photos of runners at around the 1/2 mile mark near the playground, got tons of wet photos, and had great post-Loop shots.
  • Rob Cummings took photos running the 2018 Loop, photos of the starting lineup, post-Loop, and took Loop Prep photos from the days before the event. Bonus: Post-Loop Jeff Main performing The Leatherman Song solo.
  • Thank you to the many runners have uploaded photos via our Runner Uploads link.

If you took A LOT of photos, drop us a line and we will create a separate album for your photos that you can upload directly to. If you already have a photo album online (Flickr, SmugMug, 500px, Instagram, Google/Picasa, etc.), send us a link!


Some of our photographers from the Loop: