Muddiest Runners Class of 2018!

Congratulations to the Leatherman’s Loop Class of 2018 “Muddiest Runners” — 47 very muddy trail runners who are now able to call themselves M.U.D.

They achieved this by completing SEVEN Loops as of 2018. They join over 460 other runners who are at or above this milemud marker.

See the entire list of Muddiest Runners here:

….and congratulations to the 47 runners below for earning their muddy stripes in 2018!:

Matt Bedoukian
Don Birchenough
Jennifer Bruch
Sean Cahillane
Jeffrey Conwisar
Thomas Cronin
Louis De Chiara
Dave DeCecco
Lee Dunn
Noah Ennis
Charlie Euston
Jeannine Fagan
Brian Fitzgerald
John Goodrow
Lia Gravier
David Gugerty
Robert Hardie
Brian Harkins
Scott Harrison
Brian Hennessey
Bradley Holmes
Heather Langham
Dean Leggiero
Erin Lindon
Lauren Linekin
Andrew Maldonado
Brian McDermott
Robert McGill
Keith Mitchell
Joe Mokszycki
John Morneau
Joseph Neu
Jeffrey Olsen
Michael Orth
Nicholas Pisciotta
John Praino
Fergus Smail
Donald Stankus
Daryl Story
Eamonn Sullivan
Christopher Terzian
Alex Tripp
Rob Troy
joseph tuohy
Peter Walsh
Bill Weeks
Phil Yarnall

The next step — 10 or more Loops — gets you the coveted “Red Stripe Bib” whenever you run the Loop in the future.

20 or more Loops gets your tenure as your bib number — unless you already have a favored number already designated. 

Don’t forget to register for the Fall races in the Trail Mix Series — completing the series gets you automatic Loop Lottery selection in January 2019 when you enter the lottery! See you on the trails!