2019 Leatherman’s Loop Photos

In 2019 the team was out in force snapping away on Loop morning. Since 2009 we have organized a team of volunteer photographers to take photos and sometimes video. That’s 11 YEARS for some of these die-hard photographers! You know what that means: the 10+ year veterans are highlighted in RED!

If you use Instagram and post Loop photos, be sure to tag them with the #leathermansloop tag so we can see them! Follow our instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/leathermansloop/

Below are the photographer names and the locations they took photos at in 2019 along with links to their albums online. Some are broken up into different albums if they moved around to different spots:

  • Carol Gordon took her usual wonderful photos pre-race – gathering groups of runners. She took photos and video at the start of the race, she went to Kimberly Bridge before runners reached there, and she also got the tail end of Splashdown crossers and had Post-Loop photos as well.
  • Sawyer Cummings took pre-race photos plus over 1000 photos at Splashdown.
  • Zoe Wegener covered the Mud Flats for her first year there. Zoe also took pre-race photos as well.
  • Bill Crawford took photos at the start, Kimberly Bridge, and the finish line.
  • Diane Bradsell took photos of the start and coming out of Splashdown.
  • Ted Erkkila took photos at Kimberly Bridge and at the exit from Splashdown.
  • Tom Casper took pre-race photos, photos at the Pit uphill from the Mariachi band, and photos post-race as well.
  • John Cummings took photos around the start and of the start of the Loop. John has the classic cover photo of runners thundering across the meadow start on the Leatherman’s Loop smugmug album.
  • Rob Cummings took Pre-Loop prep photos and also photos running the 2019 Loop. Bonus: Some GoPro video footage from around the meadow.
  • Note: we wish our regular (9 years!) mud flats photographer Chris the best and quickest recovery. He is on the DL with a shoulder injury this year.
  • Thank you to the many runners have uploaded photos via our Runner Uploads folder. If you have any photos to add, click here and drag and drop them!
Jackson McGuire emerging muddy & wet but smiling from Splashdown. The final 200 meters just ahead. (photo by Ted Erkkila)

If you took A LOT of photos, drop us a line and we will create a separate album for your photos that you can upload directly to. If you already have a photo album online (Flickr, SmugMug, 500px, Instagram, Google/Picasa, etc.), send us a link!

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