Muddiest Runners Class of 2019!

Congratulations to the Leatherman’s Loop Class of 2019 “Muddiest Runners” — 44 very muddy trail runners who have entered the Muddiest Runner tier of Leatherman’s Loop-dom.

They achieved this by completing SEVEN Loops as of 2019. They join over 500 other runners (out of 25,000+ loop finishes) who have reached or exceeded this high mud marker.

One member of the Class of 2019 we’d like to highlight: John Young. Not only is he the oldest runner ever to complete a Loop at 85 years young, but this year he reached the muddiest runner page. It is an achievement in persistence, health, luck, and some questionable decision making. Congratulations John!

See the entire list of Muddiest Runners here:

….and congratulations to the 44 runners below for earning their muddy stripes in 2019!:

Quinn Alami
Luke Albrecht
Jennifer Alvarez
Steve Benoit
Sherry Boyd
John Brusco
Jack Capobianco
Rob Cavenagh
Lincoln Cleveland
Shirley Copeland
Nathaniel Eames
Josh Faust
Victor Fernandez
Paul Geaney
Phil Green
Kristen Hulme
Daniel Kortick
Norman Livingston
Kathy Lynch
Greg Marrinan
Angela McDermott
James McGough
Kevin McPartland
Deirdre Mooney
Alexandra Moreo
Joshua Nelson
Andy Neville
Eileen Neville
Richard Oberdorf
Tracey Owens
Margaret Roney
Douglas Sawyer
Kelly Shine
Paul Sohigian
Zachary Staszak
Michelle Stefanov
Lee Stevens
Robert Sullivan
Nolan Taylor
Lisa Torregrossa
David Vogel
Michael Voltaggio
Emily Watson
John Young

The next steps:

  • 10 or more Loops — gets you the coveted “Red Stripe Bib” whenever you run the Loop in the future.
    • 228 Loop runners have reached this milestone — with 113 of those running in the latest year.
  • 20 or more Loops — gets your tenure in years as your bib number — unless you already have a favored number already designated.
    • 22 Loop runners have reached this milestone — with 14 of those running in the latest year.

Don’t forget to register for the Fall races in the Trail Mix Series — completing the series gets you automatic Loop Lottery selection in January 2020 when you enter the lottery! See you on the trails!