Find yourself in a favorite photo or photos from a past Loop

Reminder – the 2020 Leatherman’s Loop is cancelled. Please visit this post for information.

We would like to put together an album of Loops past with your help. Here’s how to contribute:

  1. Check in the albums below for the past years you have run in the loop. Visit those albums and try to find photos of you or people you know at the Loop – pre-race, during the race, post-race, or any kind of prep work you were involved in as a volunteer.
  2. Download the photo(s) to your phone or computer and name it for the year and loop subject (so you can find it later!)
  3. Then post it to Instagram and/or Facebook
  4. Be sure to tag the Leatherman Harriers with hashtag #leathermansloop and the Loop year. Include a caption if you’d like. Also include a tribute if you’d like.
  5. We will take these and feature them on the Leatherman’s Loop page in the week following the planned day of the 2020 Loop — April 26.

You may not even know you have been caught in a photo at the Loop – for example – check these selected albums from the last 7+ years:

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