Leatherman’s Loop Founder’s Newsletter, Vol 10 – To Loop Runners

If all was right with the world we would be gathering in the meadow field tomorrow morning with no thoughts of social distancing.

In fact we would be high-fiving and embracing each other while soaking in the uniquely beautiful energy of the Leatherman’s Loop.

But all is not right.

You need to know that I understand how special the Loop is to many of you and that I will do everything possible to bring it back in all of its glory next year.

William Stafford opens his poem THE WAY IT IS with the lines “There is a thread you follow. It goes among things that change. But it doesn’t change.”

The spirit of the Loop has been stitched together from year to year by a delicate thread. That spirit has been driven deep into the mud and lives there. It is carried in the air by the playful music of the Mariachi band and the wonderful drone of the bagpipes. It’s in the streams and the pine forests It was with us when Atka the wolf refused to howl to start the race. And when Tiokasin Ghosthorse played his sacred cedar flute. And most certainly when Theo Harris sang Amazing Grace just six days after Boston.

The Stafford poem ends with the lines “Nothing you do can stop time’s unfolding. You don’t ever let go of the thread.”

Judy, Rob, Danny, and I promise to hold our end of that spirit thread until we can once again gather in the field. I hope that you all have the other end.

Danny has offered to share his thoughts and his wisdom about the Loop and our current situation. To hear what he has to say click on this link.

My plans for Sunday are to listen to the blessing and head out into local trails.


Start of 2011 Loop in the Meadow

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