Articles and Archives That Help Runners Get To Know or Remember The Loop

Many words have been written about the Loop. Hundreds of Thousands of photos have been taken of the Loop (if you are skeptical, check here!) Hundreds of hours of video has been shot at the Loop including a full length documentary in 2011. We have audio recordings, aerial footage, posters, leather projects, quilts, 3D course dioramas, … Read more

In The News: Bedford Patch Article from 2011 Before last year’s Loop, the Bedford-Katonah Patch ran a great article about the race. Here’s the article in case it ever goes away on the Patch site (See article with photos at Patch site): The Leatherman’s Loop Rounds Quarter Century Mark The annual race held in the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation ties history with spirituality. … Read more

Katonah man leads the pack at Leatherman’s Loop

(republished from old website) The Bedford Pound Ridge Record Review Friday, April 30, 2004 By DON HEPPNER “I still can be surprised by this race,” said organizer Tony Godino after 18 years of running the Leatherman’s Loop Race at the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.  This year’s racers set a new course record, and a fourth … Read more

Cross Country like it ought to be

(republished from old website) New York * New Jersey * Connecticut Runner • June 1987 The Leatherman’s Loop • By Chris Barlow Cross Country like it ought to be. No question about it, there was no mistaking the initial running of the Leatherman’s Loop held April 26, 1987 in Pound Ridge, NY for your run … Read more

Race on the Reservation will be worth it for runners

(republished from old website) The Stamford Advocate • THE RUNNING COLUMN Sunday, April 19, 1987 By Jim Gerweck, Special Correspondent Regular readers of this column know that I make no bones about my preference for running (and particularly racing) over natural surfaces rather than those that are man-made. Likewise, those of similar bent have no … Read more