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Pre-Facebook — and two iterations before this website — the Leatherman Harriers had a basic discussion board on the original Loop website (2001-2008).

These are postings from the prior board… all text is saved. Some of the news postings from the Leatherman Harriers are also posted separately on this website as newsletter entries.

The most recent entries are on top (2008). Entries go back as far as September 2001 when Mitch first put up the website and made the first entry (see bottom).

John Young Tuesday, 6/10/08, 7:05 AM
Really enjoyed running the Loop this year. Great course and management! As the oldest guy in the race, 74, I look forward to returning in ’09 and winning a pie!
From: Ridgefield, CT
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Jessica Cambareri Monday, 5/5/08, 8:27 PM
LOVED THE RACE!!! Thanks for the opportunity! Any chance current photos will be posted? Wanted to see how some of us looked after SURVIVING the Leatherman’s … not the Loop … but, the WALL! 🙂
From: Mount Kisco, NY
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Jo Ann Hickey Wednesday, 4/30/08, 11:28 AM
What a great day, the race NEVER disappoints. I didn’t even come in last this year! Thanks Mike and all the volunteers. I walked the first two miles last evening and you would never know that hundreds of runners had been there just two days ago.
From: South Salem, NY
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Joan Dooley Sunday, 4/27/08, 3:01 PM
walked with the dogs again….took another 6 + minutes off from last year …now within 1 minute of our 1:30 goal WALKING..soooo close to our goal….maybe would have made it today without some of the bottlenecks in places…still lots of fun, great to see the painfully shy dog doing better year by year…it is nice that everyone cheers us on with the dogs!!! We’ll be back :)!
From: South Salem
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Mike H Sunday, 4/27/08, 11:54 AM
This race was spectacular. Made my tummy hurt a wittle afterward but Mikey likey.
From: Pound Ridge, NY
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Rob Cummings Thursday, 4/24/08, 7:58 PM
Bob – You just need to tell the gate attendant that you are there for the Leatherman’s Loop. They will wave you in. At the bib pickup location you need to find the correct line (organized by last name) to pick up your pre-registered bib and t-shirt (if ordered). Then check the course map done on a large plywood sheet and get hydrated and ready to go!
From: South Salem, NY
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bob attinelly Monday, 4/14/08, 6:43 PM
i signed up months ago for 2008 online i paid the fee what do i give them at the gate will they let me in?
From: buchanan
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Rob Cummings Monday, 4/14/08, 1:09 PM
There is no same day registration. If you are not pre-registered please don’t come expecting to sign up the day of the Loop. Thanks for understanding and not putting us in an awkward situation.
From: South Salem, NY
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Rob Cummings Thursday, 4/3/08, 10:46 AM
Lee, We have a list of entrants but we don’t put it on the site. We will have a list of finishers/survivors after the run!
From: South Salem, NY
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Lee Monday, 3/31/08, 6:32 PM
Is there a list of entrants for the 2008 Loop?
From: Patterson NY
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Laurie Friday, 2/29/08, 7:15 AM
mailed reg. so how do you know you made the list for this year before closed is there a list posted on line so your in or out for this year ?
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Carlo Leone Saturday, 2/16/08, 12:24 PM
Please email for notification of next years (2009) registration. thanks,
From: Stamford, CT
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Vincent Mok Thursday, 2/7/08, 9:16 AM
Please add my email to your mailing list for registration notification. Thanks. Vince
From: NYC
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Rob Cummings Monday, 2/4/08, 2:51 PM
Yes, the registration had to be closed. The course and park have a natural limit to the number of entrants. Over the past few years we have found this to be around 900 runners. The race registration opened January 1st, 2008 at 12:01 EST. It closed 34 days later on Sunday February 3rd, 2008 at 11:59 PM due to overwhelming response. We sent out an email in November to everyone who registered last year and provided an email address. We will do the same next year. We are awed at the power of the loop and we are very sorry that some folks are going to miss it this year. If you missed this year and would like to be on the email list for next year, drop us a note at the email address below. If you have any other questions, let us know.
From: South Salem, NY
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Jo Ann Monday, 2/4/08, 11:26 AM
Race registration closed!!! What???? I have run for 6 years, how could you do this to me? When did registration open?
From: South Salem, NY
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Jamie H. Wednesday, 11/14/07, 10:42 AM
I would encourage anyone who wants to experience the fun of the Loop in late fall to come to Gail’s Trail Run on December 2. It’s organized by Team Mossman in Connecticut and run as a fundraiser for pancreatic cancer research. Only 50-70 runners typically, so it’s not the same atmosphere as the spring Loop, but it’s the same course we know and love. (And if you think the stream crossings are chilly in April…!)
From: Albany, NY
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Betsy Tuesday, 6/19/07, 6:12 AM
I was thinking twice a year would be wonderful. I feel a late October race would be great.
From: Putnam Valley
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Joan Monday, 5/7/07, 6:03 PM
This is our second Leatherman’s “walk”….my friend and I I hike out there DAILY (and I mean, DAILY) with our (leashed) dogs….we did our second race with them this year….we only walk but still pass people and have a blast. The little chow mix LOVES the mud and the water…she could do without all of the people – the lab is vice-versa…could part with the mud. We took 8 minutes off last year’s time; one can only walk SO fast. 1:39 isn’t bad. We’re aiming for 1:30 next year. Joan & Steve
From: South Salem, NY
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blake Sunday, 5/6/07, 5:13 PM
is there any chance of having an article written up about the race, with race results, and maybe a picture in the Lewisboro Ledger. if so that would really be great
From: goldens bridge
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Douglas Sawyer Thursday, 5/3/07, 3:14 PM
the correct link for the pictures is: http://picasaweb.google.com/stacey.smith100/2007_04_22leathermansloop the original emailed to us had spaces instead of underscores in the date area.
From: Tarrytown
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Kara Sunday, 4/29/07, 5:22 PM
Amazing race, amazing weather, and people. Wish we could do it again in the fall! Any way to make it a bi-annual event? Could the trails hold up to that? Thank you for organizing the event.
From: Ridgefield
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dan mercer Sunday, 4/29/07, 4:09 PM
first time doing this event. i came with three other trail running buddies, it was a blast and lived up to its rep. while it was a hard race it was also the funnest race i have done.i look foward to coming back, trying not to be the muddiest finisher and perhaps try to win a pie. i was amazed by the layed back atmosphere and the great flow of the day.i would like to see the site photos updated to include this year. see you next year!
From: northport
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Mark Gaulke Tuesday, 4/24/07, 1:23 PM
Wow – I’ve done the loop 2x before, but over 10 years ago. This year I dragged a couple buddies up with me who didn’t know quite what to expect, but they had fun as well (and beat me!). Mud & all, it still was better than the second time I did the race in freezing rain! Missed the old “tree crossing” & “the pit” (gotta keep the turtles happy though) and off course, missed the “splash down”! Great race though, amazing to see how it’s grown. Anybody got any pictures to post? Mark
From: Norwalk
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Tony Tuesday, 4/24/07, 3:46 AM
Congratulations and thanks to all who ran and volunteered on Sunday. Once again, you each contributed to the amazing spirit that filled the “rez” along with the sound of the bagpipes. Special thanks to those of you who have taken the time to shase your experience with others through your e-mails or postings. I think that Chris from N.J. “gets” this event as well as anyone and is gifted with an ability to put it into words. Ron asked a question regarding the length of the course and Matthew responded with what should be the correct response. The actual length of the “Loop” is not 6.2 miles. It is fair to add .2 for the course change on Sunday. If any of you would like to take a guess at the actual distance please respond. I will do my best to get some type of newsletter out to all of you soon. Tony
From: Bedford N.Y.
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Matthew Dighton Monday, 4/23/07, 7:07 PM
OHH btw Ron Roth the distance was suppose to be 6.2 miles or a 10k but since we couldnt run through the water it was actually closer to 6.4 miles to answer your question about the distance.
From: Ridgefield CT

Matthew Dighton Monday, 4/23/07, 7:05 PM
That race was SIICK i mean im only 14 but that was intense. if someone asks u about the race and how long it is just say it doesnt matter how long it is its all about the terrain. TEAM PINK!!! my time 59:35 and im 14 baby haha
From: Ridgeield CT
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Ron Roth Monday, 4/23/07, 2:15 PM
I heard someone say the course was slightly longer this year – anyone know the distance?
From: ridgefield, ct
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Ron Monday, 4/23/07, 2:12 PM
richard byquist Monday, 4/23/07, 11:03 AM
First timer says: That was one amazing experience!!! Sliding in mud within 400 yards, that refreshing stream, the real mud area, the uphill cliff crawl, the downhill under towering pines. What a tremendous type of run!
From: montclair, NJ
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John Cleveland Monday, 4/23/07, 7:54 AM
Congratulations to my daughter, Britta Cleveland Ware, who finished in 99th place amongst the women. Way to go, Britta!! Love, Dad
From: Sackets Harbor, NY
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Chris Monday, 4/23/07, 5:00 AM
Where to begin? — With joining friends Wayne, Gary, and Robert for the drive up to Cross River? — With enjoying this event for the second year in a row with Wayne? — With introducing Gary and Robert to this great race? — With taking in the beauty of the reservation? — With admiring the T-shirt design and the 3-D model/map of the course? — With hearing the welcome words and the blessing before the start? — With the warm, sunny weather being diametrically opposed to last year’s torrential rain and low temps? — With the mud being inexplicably deeper, gloppier, and sloppier than last year’s? — With taking a bit too much glee wondering what newbies Gary and Robert were thinking when they were running through that mud? — With my avoiding last year’s nosedive into a huge mud puddle? — With the first stream being waist deep and very cold? — With the stream near the finish being too deep and fast and dangerous to cross? — With the course being rerouted past that stream and being lengthened by 0.2 mile as a result? — With returning to that stream to wash all our mud off after the race? — With Gary telling the story of how he ran into a tree? — With pressing on after a couple of ankle turns. — With reciting to myself, “Beauty before me as I run,” and then finishing with a strong last 2 miles? — With my sprinting over the field to the finish and almost bouncing out of control but reining it in to finish well? — With Wayne knocking 2+ minutes and me knocking almost 3 minutes off last year’s times — and on this year’s longer course? — With hearing the bagpipes before and after the race? — With Gary narrowly missing winning a pie? — With shaking Tony’s hand after the awards ceremony? — With this run being a celebration? — With still feeling the peace, many hours later? Where to begin? Chris
From: Bloomfield, NJ
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Rob Saturday, 4/21/07, 2:03 PM
Will there still be onsite registration tomorrow?
From: NYC

john Thursday, 4/19/07, 4:53 PM
Well I know threre is no kids race. But I have run for the past 12 years. I should have pre-registered. With online registration closed what is the chance of enough people who pre-registered not comeing so some of us could register on site?
From: pompton lakes
Email: jg439aes@…

Tony Wednesday, 4/4/07, 2:52 PM
We loved staging the kids loop last year but will not be able to offer it again this year. Westchester County is concerned that the event is getting too big and asked the organizers to scale back. Sadly, the kids race had to be dropped. Tony
From: Bedford N.Y.
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john Tuesday, 4/3/07, 5:29 PM
Is there going to be a Kids Loop again? My kids ran and LOVED it(7 yo and 4yo)
From: pompton lakes, NJ
Email: JG439aes@…

Tony (race director) Sunday, 2/25/07, 8:20 AM
Greetings to all Leatherman’s Loop enthusiasts. Today I am making an effort to contact all of you with assurances that the 21st. Loop will happen on April 22nd.. Last year we registered 1100 runners which is about 300 more than the park and the course can accommodate. We were saved by the nasty weather and 300 no shows. It is verv important that you pre-register early so that we can keep tabs on the number of participants. You will notice that the day of race fee has been increased to encourage pre-registration. This will be my last year as race director. Helping to steer this unique event for the last 21 years has been a most meaningful experience for me. It has been my great pleasure to offer the experience of running the “Loop” to such a beautiful group of people.
From: Bedford N.Y.
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jimmy Sunday, 5/7/06, 5:52 AM
Does anyone know if photo’s will be posted on the web site for this year’s race? Please let me know. What a great day for a run!
From: nyack

Michael Costello Friday, 5/5/06, 7:58 AM
I’m so glad that I made the Leatherman my first race ever. I’m finding it so funny telling people that I finished a 10k in 1 hour and 6 minutes.I can tell they are trying not to be rude,but the look on there face says ” You’re bragging about an 11 minute mile?!!” I try to explain to them that this is not your normal race, but i dont think they get it. I guess i didnt really get it either until I ran it myself. Thank Don, for turning me on to a GREAT RACE!!
From: Oakland NJ
Email: mike@…

alan aboody Friday, 4/28/06, 4:49 PM
Dear Race Organizers, Thank you for a job well done (especially the bagels). But seriously, when Mike P. invited me to his Leathermansloop after-party I gladly accepted not quite knowing what I was getting into. I’m not a runner and 3 miles had been my longest run ever. I really wanted to go to the party and would have felt a bit cheesy if I showed up without doing the run. So I did it and actually finished (1 and 1/2 hours but who’s counting?). I’m 46 and I’d have to say that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. What made the race for me was the comradeship and goodwill among my fellow runners as we slippe and slid our way through the slop, the mud, steep climbs and descents, torrential downpours, unrelenting winds and yes, the 5 ft. deep river. Thank you to all those people who steadied me as I lost my balance, asked me if I wa O.K. whenever I was doubled over from exhaustion and lent me a helping hand whenever I fell. And at 46 do you really think I need anybody’s help? Your damn right I do. See you next year. P.S. Great party Mike?
From: bedford
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Jo Ann Thursday, 4/27/06, 6:29 PM
I went to the trail today, Thursday. At about mile 4 on Sunday my duct tape came off one shoe, but I was so bedraggled and tired that I figured the sweep crew would get it. But I’m a real stickler about littering and it was bothering me cause the res is so special to me. So today I wanted to give something back. I went to the trail and picked up the following: one pair of sweat pants, one beach boys t shirt, one pair of gloves, 3 pieces of duct tape and a plastic red fireman’s hat that I like to think someone wore to keep the rain off their head, since I saw it on Sunday at about mile one. Miraculously, you would never know that 790 people ran there on Sunday, the trail was beautifully restored after all the rain. Thanks for a great race to Tony, the volunteers, the crew at the park HI Mona! Hi Bob! The race was my 5th, and I’ll be back. I keep bringing more friends and they keep coming back! I saw beauty everywhere Sunday!
From: South Salem
Email: adkgirl@…

Melissa Chase Wednesday, 4/26/06, 6:37 AM
Thank you very much for the correction. (Sorry to have even troubled you with it in the first place, but I’m so glad to be included on the list!) It was the best soggy Sunday I have spent in some time! Thanks again to all the volunteers, Melissa *** “Hi Melissa, Sorry for the omission. The wet tags stuck together on the spools as the reader was reading them for data entry. It’s been corrected and posted.”
From: NYC
Email: melissa.chase@…

Melissa Chase Tuesday, 4/25/06, 9:21 AM
Ooops, sorry, my correct email is melissa.chase@…. Thanks!
From: NYC
Email: melissa.chase@…

Melissa Chase Tuesday, 4/25/06, 8:53 AM
What a fun time in the mud! Thanks again to all of the volunteers for their assistance. Question: Does anyone know who I would contact about getting listed in the Race Results? My name does not appear, even though I ran the whole race and wore my number (it was just hanging on by one safety pin at the end, but it was there!) and they tore the bottom half off in the shoot at the end. I was Bib #1155, and think I finished at around 1:18. I ran the race in gaiters (remember seeing the woman in full gaiters??) and tried to literally “swim” the crawl in the final stream crossing. I know it’s just a “fun run” but my friends and family (OK, and me too) would like to find me on the list! Thanks again. -Melissa Chase, F, 41, Bib #1155.
From: NYC
Email: melissa.chase@…

klutz in the green rain jacket Monday, 4/24/06, 5:46 PM
I need to clarify, Stu, that I wasn’t calling you the klutz!! That was me! Tony, thank you so much for organizing the run. It was definitely a life- altering experience. Can’t wait till next year’s run.
From: New Jersey
Email: katiemennona@…

Tony Monday, 4/24/06, 4:42 PM
Impressive, deep, primitive and inspiring works for us here at “Loop” headquarters. We are deeply moved by each of your comments. The words to The Navhoe/Irish blessing/chant will be included in the newsletter which each of you will recieve soon. Danny Martin, who delivered the blessing recently told me that he believed events like the “Loop” “held the potential to change the world.” I can only speak for myself in saying that playing a role in organizing and offering this event for the last twenty years has changed me. The spirit is infectious and few are spared it’s positive effect. Our hope here is that each of you after running in or working at this event will some how come away a better person. Bless you all!
From: Bedford N.Y.
Email: acgodino@…

Chris Monday, 4/24/06, 3:47 PM
Who knew so many people from Jersey would be there and would live to post about it?! hehehe I took one of those dives into a huge mud puddle, and, even though I didn’t need help recovering, was glad to have another runner stop and check on me. I did likewise for someone else earlier on. I’m not sure if I’ve ever before been in the presence of the roar and whoop of a group of people like the hundreds at the start. Impressive, deep, primitive, inspiring! Not at all like fans cheering others on — we were participants in that wild moment! I would love to have the words to the blessing. I’d like to reproduce them in an article about the Loop in my running club’s newsletter. Can anyone help? This year I ran the Ugly Mudder 7 miler and the Mudfest 15K, both out in Reading, Pa. No mud there! The Leatherman’s Loop is clearly superior! There is beauty in the mud.
From: Bloomfield, NJ
Email: jawsey@…

Katie Monday, 4/24/06, 2:58 PM
What an awesome adventure run!! I just wanted to thank the couple (girl was in a red sweatshirt) who scooped me up after I fell on my face in the mud, and to the guy in the red t-shirt who gave me a hand up from the river. Stu, I’m so glad you did the run! -the klutz in the green rain jacket 🙂
From: New Jersey
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Dean Orfas Monday, 4/24/06, 1:07 PM
Sometimes you just can’t explain how something makes you feel. Leatherman’s Loop is one of ’em. This is my fifth one, three spring and 2 winters. Each one leaves me speechless. I keep bringing more and more friends who keep bringing more and more friends. Thanks.
From: Closter, NJ 07624
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pauline Woods Sunday, 4/23/06, 6:22 PM
Ran my second Leatherman today. Did the December one as well. I think today was better, and worse! I brought two Leatherman virgins, and they had a blast! We’re all glad we did it when we’re done! I wish there was a Leatherman more than two times a year! Thanks for the great race!!
From: demarest, nj
Email: pwbans@…

Tim Sunday, 4/23/06, 5:01 PM
Thank you for organizing the event. We had a group of about 7 people running and it was the first Leatherman for all of us. 5 people were bleeding when we finished. We’ll be back again next year. With our wetsuits……thanks again for all the effort – The New Guys
From: CT
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Anne Sunday, 4/23/06, 1:45 PM
THANKS to EVERYONE who made this race the fun that it is! You all ROCK! As ususal the race did not disappoint…. met some new and old friends along the way. Can’t wait for next year!
From: Shrub Oak, NY
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Jimbo Sunday, 4/23/06, 12:05 PM
Great run today despite the constant rain – very grateful to all the volunteers and support folks that showed up/stayed in the rain. Thanks for another Spring opener! Best, Jimbo
From: NJ
Email: city_kapps@…

Toni Sunday, 4/23/06, 7:59 AM
Go Gerhard!! We are all pulling for you. You can do it! Love, Toni, Chris & Dylan
From: Yorktown Heights
Email: tag309@…

robert Sunday, 4/23/06, 3:58 AM
Anyone know if we are still a go today? The original leatherman never let a bit of rain deter him from his rounds!
From: connecticut
Email: rkaps@…

JIMMY Saturday, 4/22/06, 7:41 PM

Steve Ricci Saturday, 4/22/06, 6:48 PM
Hows the weather, Should I ask if it is rain or shine.
From: Rhode Island
Email: stevenricci33@…

Mitch Friday, 4/21/06, 7:25 AM
Shoes are going to take a beating so make sure you do wear shoes you would be willing to part with. Runners have lost shoes in the muddy parts of the course.

Jo Ann Friday, 4/21/06, 6:47 AM
On the shoe front, I wear my oldest running shoes, since nimble footedness seems more important than high tech shoes. Also notice lots of runners wrap duct tape around the laces and under the arch to prevent shoes from coming off in the deep mud, and it there is always deep mud, no matter what. See you Sunday!
From: South Salem, NY
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john krasniewicz Wednesday, 4/19/06, 11:57 AM
……..so i am chugging along at mile 17, at the BOSTON Marathon, when i hear a runner yell to me:”you better be running the leatherman loop this sunday”!!…i turned around and it was doug goldblatt, who must of passed 9,000 runnners to finish with a 3 hr marathon…..he left me laughing for the next 2 miles….john kraz
From: old greenwich
Email: johnkraz@…

Mathilde Monday, 4/17/06, 3:29 PM
Don’t know exactly how I got roped into this, especially considering how accident prone I am, but I’ll try anything once. I was wondering if I could get some advice from those of you who’ve been around the Loop a time or two. Is it more important to wear shoes that you can throw away at the finish line, or shoes that are suitable for the terrain. If it’s the latter, what kind of shoes do you recommend?
From: NY
Email: wooley_worm@…

Jimbo Friday, 3/31/06, 5:53 AM
Hi, Looking forward to 4/23…just trying to figure out how many years I’ve been running this race, and wondering if anyone remembers/can post the t-shirts from each year…it might be a good way to track the mud out of my brain…anyway – my first loop had an off-white/cream shirt with an old-westy looking etching of the leatherman, and multicolored bubble-letters. Anyone remember that shirt, that year? can’t find the shirt. best, Jimbo
From: New Jersey
Email: city_kapps@…

Tony Sunday, 2/12/06, 7:49 AM
As I watch the snow build it’s hard to fathem that the 20th. Leatherman’s Loop will take place in ten weeks. The energy and enthusiasm behind the event has built steadily over the years and is guaranteed to reach a peak in the “Rez” on April 23rd. My promise to all of you is that your organizers plan to “fuel the fire” by holding nothing back this year. In all likelyhood, this will be my last year as race director and I plan to go out with a bang. So bring your playful spirit back to the park this year and expect the unexpected. Tony
From: Bedford N.Y.
Email: acgodino@…

Mossman Tuesday, 12/6/05, 9:06 AM
Hello Team Mossman & Friends. Yesterday was a special day. A perfect day to run around in the woods and get wet. It was a balmy 27 degrees and the snow was falling when The 2nd Annual Gail’s Trail Run began. The 8:30am start was moved back a bit because the roads to get to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Westchester were an icy mess and folks were arriving a bit late. By 8:40am we had 60 runners ready to go. Sixty runners standing in the corner of a snow covered field waiting to run through rivers and mud, I couldn’t imagine any other place I’d rather be than right there. After we were given some instructions about the condition of the trails and what to look for in order to stay on the course, the siren went off and we were on our way. This turned into one of the greatest runs I have ever participated in. The spirit of Gail Jacobsen was certainly alive and well. We had a tremendous outpouring of donations and there are still some checks expected to come in. GTR raised $750.00 in cash and checks yesterday and Doug Schwartz will get the cash donations matched allowing us to send $1370.00 to PanCAN now and send the rest of the donations on their way when they make it to us. I’d like to thank everyone who attended the event as well as those who forwarded the GTR emails around so others would have the opportunity to come. Gail’s Trail Run would not be possible without the help of Tony Godino, the Race Director for The Leathermans Loop. Tony went out on Saturday and marked the course with all those little pink flags and his wife ran the course after us on Sunday to collect them all. I hope everyone enjoys a happy and safe holiday season. “May The Moss Be With You” Clay http://www.pancan.org/ http://www.leathermansloop.org/leathermans.html
From: CT
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Betsy Wednesday, 8/10/05, 12:56 PM
I am trying to track down the wonderful poem that was read at the beginning of this year’s race (which was fantastic!) Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance for your help. Look forward to seeing you at the loop next April. Best, Betsy
From: New York
Email: e.h.williams@…

Tony Monday, 4/25/05, 6:54 PM
It is clear to me that last Sunday’s gathering was by far the most magical of them all. Maybe it’s because the sun decided to show herself at the exact instant before the Navahoe poem/blessing from Danny Martin. Maybe it was when Joe Stanley asked me to call Rick Hubbell to the front so that he could run with the only other #19 in the race. Maybe it was the rumored presence of a yet to be identified barefoot runner. Maybe it was the Lunar eclipse earlier that morning. I don’t know, but I do know that Danny is the most qualified person to explain the experience. He will do exactly that in the post-race newsletter which most of you will receive soon. The best part for me is that everyone in the park gets cought up with the energy. Spectators, organizers, volunteers and runners are all players. Bless you all. Tony
From: Bedford N.Y.

Jim Lamothe Monday, 4/25/05, 1:17 PM
Hi, Just wanted to say what a great time I had at Sunday’s race. The “first pitch” was cool,the Blessing was truly moving and inspirational,the course was a blast and the crowd was a super nice group of folks. The Legend of the Leatherman just topped it all off.Many thanks to the organizers for a job well done and a great slice of life. Jim.
From: Brimfield MA
Email: cooksorchard@samnet

Bob Goldblatt Monday, 4/25/05, 12:38 PM
Tony,Judy,Dave,Liz,Ken,Mitch and the rest of the Leatherman gang, I don’t know how you do it but this year was the best ever. The mud was terrific, the stream cold and high,the hills higher than usual and the runners were a great group with lot’s of spirit. We could have done with a few less bugs. Congradulations and thanks to Jim Gerweck for the great, fast and unbias (not like the past–Geoff) results. I am looking foward to the 20th Anniversary and all the exciting new surprises. Thanks for all of your efforts and thank the Parks people for allowing us to enjoy this wonderful venue. Best regards, Bob Goldblatt
From: New Canaan, Ct
Email: bobg@…

Joe Robidoux Sunday, 4/24/05, 1:38 PM
04/24/2005 Just got home from this years run. Awesome job by all of organizers and volunteers who help make this event the special event that it is. Thank you!!! The mud and water were at an all time high (at least compared to the past few years that I ran it) which made for an exceptionally fun time for those of us who find slogging thru the mud while breathing heavy a good time. The weather broke just in time for the start of the race (thank you God) and the temperature was just about right, especially thru the pines. Thank you all runners behind me and in front of me for pushing me and encouraging me. I never race to win but for the joy of running. I enjoy the company on this once a year outing for me. I usually run in the State Forest that is my back yard and I never see another person while I am out there, so the opportunity to run with so many good, and apparently dedicated, people is a treat. Thank you to my brother Ray who introduced me to the Loop a few years ago and has been my coach and mentor for this event for each of the years I ran including last year when he took the ride to the Res even when an injury kept him from running the race. Finally, thank you to Mother Earth for all the beautiful places to run where I don’t have to hear, see or smell traffic. Hope to see you all next year (I’ll be the face in the crowd). Live well.
From: Somers, CT
Email: jrobidoux62@…

Larry Vogt Friday, 4/22/05, 8:56 AM
From: NYC
Email: larry@…

Tony (race director) Wednesday, 4/6/05, 4:40 AM
Both registration and the stream crossings have reached a high water mark. Sign ups are ahead of the 2003 race which saw 800 finishers. As of yesterday, the 2nd. river crossing was at mid chest height and cold! I gave up my paid employment last month in order to give the “Loop” the time it deserves and that has proved to be a good thing. Bill Bradsell and I will continue work on the new course map today. This years shirt art by Tim Parshall is steller! It has a turtle with the world on it’s back ringed by spotted salamanders on a spruce green shirt. I will ask Mitch to post a picture on the site. As always it is sponsor free. All proceeds from shirt sales will be donated to a new organation which provides emergency shelter for the homeless in area churches. Yes there are homeless people in Westchester so consider purchasing a shirt. All registered runners who provided us with an e-mail address will recieve last minute instructions close to race day. The rest of you need to listen closely to the pre-race instructions. See you all at the “gathering” in a couple of weeks. Tony
From: Bedford N.Y.
Email: acgodino@…

Leatherman¿s Loop Newsletter — Spring 2005 Thursday, 3/3/05, 6:32 AM
Leatherman¿s Loop Newsletter — Spring 2005 Welcome to the pages of the first ever ¿Loop¿ newsletter! There seems to be a large number of us who are caught up with the magic of this unique event. My plan is to reward you with a look ahead into the plans for the April 24, 2005 race as well as to offer a few pieces of ¿Loop¿ history. Also, a complete list of the runners who have been named to our new honorary advisory board of directors is included. More on that later¿¿ · How about a 4 foot by 8 foot course map? Bill Bradsell has kindly offered to help construct and paint a large course map complete with some topographical features. If all goes well it will be displayed next to the teepee on race day. · Kerry is back We are pleased to have Kerry Arsenault back this year after missing her for the last several Loops. She is our only four time winner and holds the current course record for women (44:50). · Red Sox banner on display There will be a Red Sox banner hanging at the starting line this year. It will be there to satisfy a bet which I lost to my friend from Cape Cod. What can I say? · Ceremonial first pitch by Craig Swan We hope to start this year¿s race with a ceremonial first pitch thrown by former N.Y. Met ace Craig Swan. Ken Littlefield has offered to serve as Craig¿s personal catcher for the event. · Register to run on line We have finally entered the 21st century! Visit us at (www.leathermansloop.org) and save yourself some time and a stamp. Thanks to Mitch for setting this up. · Electronic scoring Last year we had a timer malfunction minutes before the start of the race and it could have been a scoring disaster. So this year we have decided to pass the responsibility for timing and scoring this years race to a professional outside service. (And that makes one less thing for your organizers to stress about!) · www.rolfanker.com Check out this site and see if you are in any of the black and white photos that Rolf has taken over the last three years. They are amazing and prints are available. · Last year¿s winner is world class Tommy Nohilly won last years race in a time of 38:33 and apparently threw in a third river crossing by mistake. Tommy competed for the U.S. in the 1999 world cross country championship in Ireland. · Sponsor free corporation free event Some of you are aware that the ¿Loop¿ has always been a sponsor free event. The thought of having a corporate presence in the park never felt right to us. In fact, we believe that many of our participants use this race as an opportunity to step away from their business oriented lives. This means that the runners underwrite the full cost of staging the event as well as the charitable contributions it spins off. Every year we make a significant donation to a local charity. Over the years we have supported the Trailside nature Museum in the park, The Mianus Gorge Preserve, the North Castle Land Trust, the men¿s shelter at the County airport, and the History Lovers Club of Bedford. Also, We have purchased a Summers worth of farm produce for needy families in Brewster and made food donations to Neighborhood Link in Mount Kisco. · Tee shirt Tim Tim Parshall is hard at work again on tee shirt art. He has drawn the design for all but four of the race shirts. Last year Tim won the 50+ age category with a time of (44:22). What a guy! · Leatherman Stan will be back Stan Telega (our own resident leatherman) has agreed to wear the suit again this year. He is a highly respected local historian and a member of the board of the Bedford Hills museum. Make some noise when you see him and feel free to ask to pose with him for photographs. · Inspirational r

Leatherman Harriers Wednesday, 1/12/05, 9:11 AM
To: Leatherman’s Loop Runners and Friends A very Happy New Year to all and best wishes for a successful and healthy 2005. Preparation has commenced for the 2005 version of the Leatherman’s Loop which will be held Sunday, April 24, 2005 at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River, New York. Race start time is 9:00AM. This year, we are pleased to offer you the capability to register for the race online at our website (including payment of entry fees electronically). Visit the website at http://www.leathermansloop.org/2003_Info.html for race information, entry forms, and the new online registration option. We will issue further announcements as race time approaches. Looking forward to seeing you in April. The Leatherman Harriers
Email: leathermansloop@…

john kraz Friday, 12/10/04, 12:05 PM
this past sunday’s winter run was the greatest— semi-frozen mud and the cold river crossings produced some great primordial screams that echoed through the woods…..the frigid sense stayed with you for the next few miles. the leatherman fun run was just that–a lot of fun for the diehard runners that showed up to run it.the memories of the december run will keep me smiling until the spring race– thanks to all who made it possible —jk
From: old greenwich
Email: johnkraz@…

Mitch Saturday, 11/27/04, 1:51 PM
CONFIRMATION: In response to popular demand, we will run (jog? walk?) the Leatherman’s Loop course on Sunday morning, December 5. All those who would like to join us, please meet us in the parking lot near the starting line at 9:00AM. Looking forward to seeing you there.
Email: leathermansloop@…

Mitch Thursday, 11/25/04, 5:04 PM
The Leatherman Harriers are planning a course run early in December. Please watch the discussion board as plans are finalized. Anyone interested in sharing the run, please let us know by posting to the discussion board or via e-mail to leathermansloop@….
Email: leathermansloop@…

Rob Cummings Tuesday, 5/25/04, 7:43 PM
I ran the course for the second time in 2004. This time I took along my Canon Poweshot 230 digital camera (with waterproof case!). I took photos of the course and people along the way. They are available for anyone interested. Take a look: http://www.ciorsdan.com/gallery/leathermans2004 Thanks for another memorable day and thanks Mike and Kate for being such gracious hosts!
From: South Salem, NY
Email: rjc9@…

Jo Ann Hickey Wednesday, 5/19/04, 3:11 AM
Another fabulous race, what fun! 11 of us camped in the reservation the night before to avoid the long lines of cars in the morning and it was awesome coming down Miichigan road and seeing the tee pee! Thanks all the volunteers, we’ll be back!
From: South Salem, NY
Email: adkgirl@…

Tony at “Loop” headquarters Monday, 5/10/04, 5:32 PM
First, it’s nice to see comments to this page submitted by some of our runners. I had come to believe that Mitch and I were just sending “loop” updates to each other. Speaking of Mitch, he is in the process of posting the 2004 photographs. He is a very busy guy so I ask you to be patient and assure everyone that they will be worth the wait. Rolf Anker, Bob Goldblatt and Kelly McCoy have all contributed some amazing shots. Along the same lines, the rough editing of the new race video has been completed by “Wilderness” Bob Detmer. He needs to reduce 8 hours of interviews and action from four video cams to a finished dvd approx. 30 minutes long.This is very time consuming but we hope to see the finished product by the end of May. We plan to offer tapes or dvd’s at affordable prices to any interested parties. Some of you have already placed orders but I suggest waiting until Mitch posts the ordering details.One last note regarding this years race winner. Your organizers have decided to consider Tommy Nohilly’s time of 38:33 a course record. It is the fastest time in 11 years and there have been several course changes during that time. Congratulations to this amazing runner who has run the 7th. fastest time ever in the U.S. in the steeplechase.
From: Bedford N. Y.
Email: acgodino@…

Greg Azzaretti Monday, 5/10/04, 1:08 PM
Yea the pictures aren’t working for me either, except the first two pages. After that they’re blank. It was my first run, and i had an awesome time! I’m definately coming back next year, and i’m bringing as many friends as I can.
From: Brewster, NY
Email: Matrix1203@…

Ann Singer Friday, 5/7/04, 5:25 PM
Hi ..The whole singer..paccione family had a great time..am I the only one who can’t get but the shoeless person on page 1 pictures or haven’t they all been posted yet. Thank you 2nd place Female 60-69
From: Suffern, NY
Email: johnnybfast@…

Mitch Friday, 4/30/04, 8:01 AM
744 finishers enjoyed a beautiful day at the “Rez”. It was a little breezy for the spectators in the meadow but with the sun shining, the runners warmed up quickly. A little more than 38 minutes after the start, Tommy Nohilly crossed the finish line. Erica Merrill, first woman, completed the course in just over 50 minutes. At 13 years old, Colby DelBene finished in 40th place with a time of 48:46! Watch out future Loop runners – Colby will only get faster as he grows stronger. George “Csnnonball” Buchanan, at age 45, continued his streak of strong performances, finishing in fifth place with a time of 41:44. We do sympathize with Geoff Steadman, first finisher this year to fail to break an hour – ah, so close Geoff (only 6 seconds over). Wait till next year.
From: Leatherman Harriers
Email: leathermansloop@…

Tony at “Loop” headquaters Thursday, 4/22/04, 4:02 PM
Your race organizers wish to thank the 500 of you who have pre-registered to run the 18th. “Loop”. Your support and enthusiasm for this event is what keeps us going. We expect a record turn out and suggest arriving early. Most of our regulars are in but not Joe Stanley or Rick Hubbell. They are the only two runners who have done all 17 “Loops” and we hope they both sign up on Sunday. Expect the unexpected and enjoy the day, Tony, Judy, Dave, Liz, Ken, Mitch and all of our volunteers
From: Bedford N. Y.
Email: acgodino@…

Doug Goldblatt Thursday, 4/22/04, 12:34 PM
Tony and Crew, Looking forward to this weekend although I am in terrible shape. You know planning a wedding and working 60 hours a week cuts in on the training, I may have to change that. One little note that you should be aware of, my father although registered will be out of commission for this weekend. He tore the tendon that connects his quad to his knee last weekend and he will be operated on tomorrow(4/23). He will still be there but will not be running. Maybe this is the year for some really good pictures from my dad. See you Sunday, Doug
From: Massachusetts
Email: d.e.goldblatt@…

Mitch Saturday, 4/17/04, 2:11 PM
Tony was out this morning manicuring the course in preparation for next week. The water is high after this week’s rains though by next week that could change. There may be a few surprises during the race this year. Looking forward to seeing you out there!
Email: leathermansloop@…

Mitch Saturday, 4/3/04, 8:57 PM
Ten runners completed the Leatherman’s Loop course this morning. Conditions were excellent with plenty of mud and a bit of current at the stream crossings! The trail along the route 124 wetlands is less distinctly defined than it has been in the past. The sandpit was the usual challenge. Under 18 division, watch out for 13 year old Colby who ran way out in front of the more experienced runners.
Email: Leathermansloop@…

Tony at “Loop” headquaters Thursday, 4/1/04, 6:07 PM
Your race organizers wish to thank the hundreds of you who have pre-registered for the 18th. “Loop”. We especially thank those of you who come back to our event year after year. Some of you have become trail “legends” in our eyes. Plan to be joined this year by running journalist Toby Tanser and Metro Sports N.Y. editor Jeremy Shweder. Toby has run a 28:45 10k. and wants to test the mud. Wilderness Bob Detmer will be there to create another video and Rolf Anker will be there for stills. An older and wiser “Leatherman” may also make an appearance. We encourage all of you to submit pre or post race comments to this discussion page or to e-mail them to us. We find them to be useful and we really enjoy hearing from you. We plan to post race updates from time to time. To both runners and organizers the “Loop” has become more than just another running race. Enjoy the day! Blessings, Tony Judy Dave Liz Ken Mitch and all of volunteers
From: Cross River N.Y.

The Leatherman Harriers Saturday, 12/6/03, 3:30 PM
Plans Are Underway for the 2004 Leatherman’s Loop The summer has subsided into the holiday season. 2004 is nearly here. For those of you who didn’t see it, Tony Godino and David Cope were interviewed by RUNNING TIMES magazine. Some of you runners were also interviewed. They are still trying to figure out why our event has become the most popular trail race in the northeast. If any of you can shed some light on this, please feel free to post your ideas. Race organizers are all very excited about the Rolf Anker collection of black and white photographs which appear on the website. Check them out on the photo pages of this site. If any of you can provide names for any of the unidentified runners we would appreciate your help. The BLUE MOON race, unfortunately, was tabled for a future reintroduction. Several of us ran the course and reconfirmed that it’s outstanding. But, alas, the logistics of relaunching an event precluded its revival. There will be a real blue moon this coming July which may lead to an informal hiking of the course. Some of you noticed the duck shirts that our volunteers were wearing at the 2003 “Loop”. It is another great Tim Parshall design and we plan to use it for the 2004 race shirt. You can see the design on the 2004 entry form posted to the website. Tim has provided the art for all but four of the shirts. He can also run and won the 50 yr. old division this year in 45:04. Please feel free to e-mail us with your comments or better yet, post them on the Discussion Board. We all look forward to seeing you on Sunday, April 25, 2004 at 9:00AM!!!
Email: leathermansloop@…

john krasniewicz Thursday, 9/11/03, 9:39 AM
HI-would love to run your BLUE MOON RUN, but due to marathon training ..the RIDGEFIELD-HALF MARATHON is on my race schedule…..if you can move your race to post marathon racing –november—we will be at your race….have a great time anyway…john kraz
From: old greenwich

Tony Wednesday, 6/4/03, 4:02 PM
A full 6 weeks post race and “Loop” headquaters is still buzzing with activity.Here’s the scoop. Dave Cope and I were recently interviewed by RUNNING TIMES mag.. Look for a feature article on the “Loop” this summer. Some of you runners were also interviewed. They are trying to figure out why our event has become the most popular trail race in the northeast. If any of you can shed some light on this, please feel free to post your ideas. Your race organizers are all very excited about the Rolf Anker collection of black and white photographs which Mitch has begun to post. Check them out on the photo pages of this site. If any of you can provide names for any of the unidentified runners we would appreciate your help. The BLUE MOON race has a tentative date of October 5th.. This event is about ready to move from legend to reality. Four of us ran the course on Sunday. It’s tough! Some of you will be contacted to test run the course this summer. Let us know if you are interested. Some of you noticed the duck shirts that our volunteers were wearing at this years “Loop”. It is another great Tim Parshall design and we plan to use it for next years race shirt. Tim has provided the art for all but four of the shirts. He can also run and won the 50 yr. old division this year in 45:04. Please feel free to e-mail us with your comments or better yet, post them on this page. Blessings, Tony
From: Bedford N. Y.

kate paletta Sunday, 5/4/03, 8:10 AM
Hi Tony, Judy, Liz and Dave, Another incredible year for the Leatherman’s Loop. Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication to this annual event. This is always the highlight of my year. I missed running this year due to being 5 months pregnant but Mike and all our friends loved the course. Plus I got to take lots of photos. If you or Mitch would like any of them, please let me know. I have some great shots of the winners at kimberly’s bridge and at the final stream crossing plus lots of pictures of my husband and friends. Once again thank you all for a beautiful day at Pound Ridge Reservation. Love, Kate
From: mount kisco
Email: Hhaukp@…

Michael Taylor Saturday, 5/3/03, 10:23 PM
To Dan interested in other races — I’ve run Leatherman twice now and have really enjoyed the experiences. It’s the only trail race I’ve run so far, but I’m going to try Soapstone later this month. See more details for this race and quite a few other trail runs at www.newenglandtrailrunner.com & www.trailrunner.com My training is now 95% trails; trail running may not be for everybody, but I think it’s a terrific sport. I find both of these sites to be very good resources. Good luck.
From: Norwalk
Email: mstpc7@…

Tony Godino Tuesday, 4/29/03, 6:48 PM
Your race organizers would like to thank the Westchester Co. dept. of parks ,recreation and conservation and express our gratitude to commissioner Stout and Dr. Jack Robbins and Mr. John Baker. We also thank park superintendent Beth Herr, Rick Rogers, Bobby and the rest of the staff who assisted on Sunday. The “loop” could not take place without permission from and hard work by these fine people. We also are indebted to the great crew from the Lewisboro volunteer ambulance core. They are a volunteer group and so we will support them as well as the Trailside nature museum with donations. We have thanked our race volunteer friends personally. They are all key players. And now we thank all of you participants and share one story from Sundays race. Joe Stanley , running no. 17, went down hard after the first crossing. He opened a gash in the palm of his hand which would need 7 stiches. Joe finished in 46:14 and remarked that his wound was shaped like the letter “L” as in “Leatherman”. Blessings, Tony
From: Bedford N. Y.

Dan Faryniarz Monday, 4/28/03, 10:23 AM
Great race! Really enjoyed my first cross country steeple chase! Wondering if there are any other races like this which someone might recommend? 10k is a perfect distance but would be interested in both shorter and longer though need time to train for any longer than this one!! See you next year for sure.
From: Riverside, CT
Email: dfaryniarz@…

Mitch Sunday, 4/27/03, 7:37 PM
APRIL 27, 2003: What a landmark running of the legendary Leatherman’s Loop. EIGHT HUNDRED runners finished for the largest number in race history. Congratulations to 9 year old Tabitha Goulart and to 81 year old Don Mackenzie, both of whom finished among the 800 runners. The weather was a delightful respite after last year’s deluge. Thanks to Tony, Judy, Dave and Liz for all of their hard work to make this a truly remarkable event!!!
From: Stamford

Roger Borsett Saturday, 4/26/03, 7:37 PM
To the gang . . . It’s Saturday Night @ 10:26pm just hours before the start of the 17th running of the legendary, the one, the only, Leatherman’s Loop . . . few things in life get better and this race is one of them. What a “great gift” we all give to ourselves each time we participate in this wonderful event. See you all at the Rez . . . thanks for everything! Roger
From: Wantagh, NY
Email: rborsett@…

Tony Friday, 4/25/03, 6:28 PM
Your race organizers send their best wishes to all of you runners who will be gathering in the “rez.” on sunday. Expect afew small surprises again this year. We love you guys and put alot of effort into the staging of this event. Good luck, Tony, Judy, Dadid, Liz, Mitch and Ken
From: Bedford N. Y.

Dan Faryniarz Friday, 4/25/03, 2:05 PM
First timer. Never done a cross country race. Have heard about this race for last several years and am looking forward to participating.
From: Riverside, CT
Email: dfaryniarz@…

Tony Monday, 4/21/03, 5:26 PM
465 pre-entries as of today. Looks big! Your race organizers are blown away by your amazing continued support for the “loop”. It keeps us going. Roger Borsett is in for #15. Roger Anderson is cutting a trip to Denmark short to run again this year. Joe Stanley has not yet registered to run #17 but we expect to see him at the same day registration table. We encourage all of you to arrive early to ease the crunch. We hope that each of you can take home a memorable from this years event. Look for one more update before sunday. Tony
From: Bedford N. Y.

judy godino Monday, 4/14/03, 2:18 PM
Only 13 days left until race day and its the countdown for the directors here at the leatherman loop headquarters. One of the next biggest tasks at hand is to register the 350 pre entries that have accumulated to date. It is not just a matter of separating into age category and color coding the numbers for all of us race directors(and volunteers who help).For some like, Tony, he has specific parameters and ideas for number assignment. Examples are: joe ziminsky gets #3…. he was 3rd place finisher in 2002 griffin “buck” ford #13…. his age don mackenzie #81…. his age patrick hubbell #11…..his age rick hubbell #17…..# of leatherman loop races completed(thats everyone of them!) nick ohnell #61…. his age carol kane #57…..her age roger borsett #15….# of loops completed bob goldblattt #16….# of loops completed john krasniewicz #52…..his age michael paletta #37…..his age george”cannonball”buchanan #5…..”he likes that #” douglas goldblatt #14….# of loops completed tabitha goulart #9……her age dick norsworthy #68…..his age rick chalmers #10 ….finish place 2002 race hernando I munoz #12 …”because we like him” john bria #50….”because we like him too” joe stanley #17…. we ordered a second #17 for joe if he shows up…..# of loops run. So i guess if anyone is feeling partial to a particular # you can email tony at the loop site. Special orders won’t upset us but will only be honored until April 20th when we actually gather and assign the numbers in indelible ink. I’ll see all of you pre registerd runners in the tee-pee on rest day. Like we say, come with a good attitude and some dry socks. jag
From: race headquarters

Tony Godino Wednesday, 4/9/03, 6:01 PM
Loop headquaters predict between 400 and 500 pre- registered runners by race day. Our thanks go out to all of you. Also, we appreciate your entries to this site. If you read the recent one from John K. you will understand why this years race will be dedicated to the memory of Caryl Robotti. 81 year old Don MacKenzie is in and so is Griffin “Buck” Farro. Thanks to Mitch for his field reports. Updates to follow, Tony
From: Bedford N. Y.

shannon police Wednesday, 4/9/03, 2:10 PM
looking forward to this year’s loop, but i don’t know if i’ll run it, it’s pretty close to my marathon date and i’m paranoid about getting hurt (i missed both my ‘thons last year and don’t want to miss this one after such a good comeback). but i’ll still come to cheer and take pictures. i hope it’s not TOO dry and firm on the course, it takes the fun out of it! i remember the first time i ran it, i lost my shoes in the mud! a lady behind me helped me pull them out. i ran the rest of the race hearing the ‘squish, squish’. the girl who came in 1st that year had duct tape on her shoes, so i used that trick the next year. the most memorable part of that race for me was toward the end- i came to the last river crossing, and stopped to ‘navigate’ the best way to go across w/out drowning, and my friend, BENNETT BENWARE (evil, evil man), pushed me from behind right into it! the next year i made sure to run faster than him to keep a good gap between us. stay healthy, -sp-
From: stamford, CT
Email: spolice973@…

Mitch Monday, 4/7/03, 3:02 PM
UPDATE: What a difference a week makes! Many of the areas that had been flooded last weekend were dry yesterday. The course footing was fairly solid. Stream crossings that had been above the waist were just above the knee. The pine forest is still a steeplechase – with one tree trunk leap after another. We’re really looking forward to April 27th!!!
From: Stamford

Mitch Tuesday, 4/1/03, 5:29 AM
REPORT: COURSE CONDITION IS GOOD. Geoff and I ran the course Sunday morning and found that footing on the trails is fairly solid. Miniature lakes cover the trail at points. The pine forest before the first water crossing has various downed trees and branches. (As Geoff and I ran, Tony was busy cleaning sections of the course). The water crossings are higher than waste deep. (I stumbled on a boulder at the first water crossing and went head first into 40 degree water – invigorating). The swamp along Route 124 prior to the quarry climb is not as mucky as we had expected. The current on the second water crossing is treacherous and the stream has overflowed its bed to double its normal width. If conditions are the same race day, Tony has plans to run a rope across the stream at crossing number two to provide runners some support. We’re planning another scouting expedition next weekend. STAY TUNED.
From: Stamford

john krasniewicz Wednesday, 3/26/03, 12:50 PM
my entry is in the mail ….just have to run that marathon up in boston before the leatherman 10k…the dead squirrel runners will bring their virgin leatherman loop runner..we may have two virgins this year to sacrifice up to the leatherman….the high water table is great news..we may surpass last year’s great race….my most memorial race would be the 2001 race: Caryl Robotti was too sick to run–but she came out to cheer on the runners–she was also on the scene when Buck got hit by a deer–she helped bring him back to the aid station….the next week caryl and I eloped (after going out together for 14 years ) and got married( it was not easy trying to keep our marriage plans secret at the leatherman with all of our running friends there )….her cancer overcame her in december 2001….i will always remember her cheering me on as we enter the woods….Leatherman was Caryl’s favorite race…..SHE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE—CHEERING ON THE RUNNERS.
From: old greenwich
Email: johnkraz@…

john krasniewicz Wednesday, 3/26/03, 12:11 PM
From: old greenwich

Tony Monday, 3/24/03, 5:02 PM
many new entries since my last message. Rick Hubbell (#17} will be running with his eleven yr. old son Patrick. Bob Goldblatt {#16} is in and so is his son Douglass {#14}. Nick Ohnell {10 plus} is in again. George {cannonball} Buchanan is in and hopes to keep his footing on the way to another top ten finish. Does anyone know why George is called cannonball? I loved the course condition report ffom Mitch. I know that there is a great deal of work to be done on many of the trails. We are still looking for “Loop” stories to be submitted to this page. So far Doug G. has earned a reward even though he was too modest to mention that he has developed into one of our elite runners and top 20 finisher. More reports soon. Tony
From: bedford n. y.

Tim Monday, 3/24/03, 12:58 PM
I ran in my first “Loop” last year and enjoyed the BAPTISM immensely!This year (as the great Jerry G would say) “I’ve nailed a re-tread to my shoes and pray for better weather.” See you soon, lookout sixty minutes.
From: Katonah
Email: jefffininc@…

Mitch Saturday, 3/22/03, 6:24 PM
GOOD NEWS!!! A few of us ran this morning in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation and were treated to some of the deepest mud that we have ever experienced. The mud is so soft that rocks and boulders previously on the surface have sunk a foot or so into it. At points along the trails, we sank into it well mid-way to our knees. Water is running everywhere. New streams have sprung up all over the place. In fact, sections of what used to be dry trail are submerged under a foot of water. We plan on doing the Loop course next Sunday morning. We expect that the swamp along route 124 will be waist deep. And the water crossings, well if you don’t see a posting following our run, you’ll know that we were swept away. We hope to report on the Loop course condition following our run.
From: Stamford
Email: leathermansloop@…

Doug Goldblatt Thursday, 3/13/03, 9:50 AM
Hi Tony, As you know this will be my 14th loop. WOW can’t believe I survived this many considering my story comes from the first one I did (2nd Annual) when the river was up to my chest, of course I was 12 then. You guys put a ladder and a rope in the water so I wouldn’t float away. I still have the picture of me coming out of the water, with my little red Glidden paint hat. I still can’t believe my father let me run it. On a side story the year I carried my fathers number was great, the only loop he missed, still burns him today. Thanks for the great memories. Doug Goldblatt
From: Woburn, MA
Email: douglas.goldblatt@…

tony Tuesday, 3/11/03, 4:36 AM
First, thanks go out to the runners who have already entered this years race. You are hard core. Next, your race directors have a special gift for some of you. To be considered you must submit a “loop” story to this discussion page of the web site. If we find your story humerous or interesting enough you will be rewarded on race day or through the mail. Please keep your submissions as brief as possible. Also, your level of commitment to the “loop” earns you consideration. Simply let us know your feelings about this race and how many you have run. I will submit progress reports on the race at least once a week. Tony
From: bedford n. y.

Manny Wednesday, 11/27/02, 6:29 PM
Cann’t wait for the next race.
From: Ma

Jon E. Favreau Monday, 10/14/02, 11:46 AM
Hello, I have been following the Leatherman Loop on the internet for the past two years and was looking forward to the Blue Moon Race this year. How can I follow any updates for this race. As this will be my first trail race and it being local I would not want to miss it. Thank you for you help.
From: Kent Lakes, NY
Email: marine72@…

Tony Monday, 8/26/02, 6:09 PM
There were quite afew reasons for postponing the BLUE MOON trail race until next year.I ended up with complications after knee surgery in May and am still on blood thinner treatment. also, the drought is a big concern. Last week there was a 5 acre brush fire in the rez..The possibility exists that the county would need to close the park because of high fire danger.Devils Den in westport is currently closed for similar reasons.Feel free to e- mail me with questions or comments or suggestions Tony
From: Bedford,N.Y.
Email: acgodino@…

Bob Goldblatt Tuesday, 5/21/02, 9:56 AM
I just received the 2002 video.It is outstanding The photographer and editor did an outstanding job in capturing the true spirit of the leatherman’s event. This years conditions really helped to bring out the real feelings of trail and nature running. If this video gets out the whole world will want to be part of fun. Great job and thanks to everyone involved. Bob Goldblatt 15 Loops
From: New Canaan CT
Email: bobg@…

Sunday, 5/19/02, 3:19 PM
Members of the Leatherman’s Harriers viewed the premier of the 2002 Loop video this morning to rave reviews. It truly captures the spirit and the essence of the event. Runners sliding and slipping in the mud, personal interviews and observations, and the story of the Leatherman himself. This one is going to be a classic. Those of you awaiting delivery of the video, it will be sent out soon. For those who still wish to order, the order form is available on the web site.
Email: leathermansloop@…

Saturday, 5/11/02, 7:39 AM
The photographs that we have are being posted to the web site. Some are currently being incorporated into the video production and will be posted to the web site after completion of the video. If you would like us to post photos that you took at this year’s loop, please send them to us as JPEG e-mail attachments, or send them to the Loop PO Box. Thanks for your interest!
Email: leathermansloop@…

Thursday, 5/9/02, 5:21 PM
What is going on with the pictures?

“Loop” video Monday, 5/6/02, 3:31 PM
Just when I had started to put thoughts of this years race behind me, I get A call from Wilderness Bob to preview the video. It is truly amazing and completely captures the spirit of the race. Anyone who has ever run the “Loop” needs to see this film. I will keep you posted regarding it’s progress as it nears completion. For those of you who have ordered A copy, expect it soon. WE promise not to disappoint! Tony
From: Bedford N. Y.
Email: acgodino@…

Griffin Farro “Buck” Wednesday, 5/1/02, 5:30 PM
Dear Tony, It was great to be back to the race without getting hit by a deer. Im glad i finished this time mostly in one piece. That race is heck for the body and nirvanna for the mind, it brakes down a person throughout the race, mentally and physically. Who cares if it will take half a year to recover from this heckuva race its the best race i have been in ever. Thanks Tony for bringin us The leathermans loop! Griffin “buck” Farro
From: stamford Connecticut
Email: jekyll8000@…

Tony Wednesday, 5/1/02, 8:43 AM
AS I see it, there are three groups who need to be thanked for the great success of our 16th. Leatherman’s Loop. First you runners who are by far the most beautiful group of people imaginable to gather together and take on such a difficult task. Second, our group of 30 friends/volunteers. This group already knows how much they are loved and appreciated. And third, the Westchester County dept. of Parks and Recreation & conservation. This year they provided not only the setting but also the band-shell, the port-o-johns, the parking, help with the set up and clean up, and much much more. I am asking for your help in thanking them. If you feel inspired, please E-mail them at www.westchestergov.com. Be sure to thank parks commissioner Stanley G. Motley, deputy commissioner “Chip” Mathews and John Baker. Also thank Ken Kegler and the full staff at the “Rez” and let them know if you had a good time. I plan to respond to each of your comments and suggestions as timi allows. Stay tuned’ Tony
From: Bedford N. Y.

chris b. Tuesday, 4/30/02, 1:41 PM
tony, i talked to you earlier about those mile markers.. next year i’ll put them out for you , but their going to read something like this: 1. about a mile. 2. around two miles. 3. could be three. 4. four miles give or take. 5. i think there’s two to go. 6. it feels like twenty, dose’nt it. See you at work!
From: rye

chris b. Tuesday, 4/30/02, 1:29 PM

Douglas Hegley Tuesday, 4/30/02, 9:50 AM
My favorite race of the year! My face plant into the swamp only served as motivation (the bleeding stopped quickly, after all). The rain and cold only added to the adventure. Well-organized and conducted, and the pie was delicious. I was proud to be the first “old guy” finisher, and promise that we’ll bring even more Harriers back next year. Keep up the good work.
From: New York Harriers
Email: douglas.hegley@…

kelly mccoy Tuesday, 4/30/02, 8:12 AM
I have been a part of the loop as a volunteer for the past 5 years and I have to say this year was the best! It’s a strange phenomena to love the exteme conditions of life whether it be weather or wearines, but this race creates a sense of joy just to be a part of it all. Thank you Tony and Judy.
From: greenwich

tony derobertis Tuesday, 4/30/02, 6:59 AM
PS. thanks for the gatorade propel

Tony DeRobertis Tuesday, 4/30/02, 6:57 AM
As a high school runner from tappan zee high school, i would like to say this was my favorite race ihave ever run.It was on of the most intense races ever and i enjoyed it alot. I will definitly be back next year along with my teamates. thanks again cya next year!
From: Orangetown Ny

Rob Haser Monday, 4/29/02, 6:23 PM
Awesome race! Haven’t run competitive cross country since college and it was a real blast. The trails, river crossings, mud flats and the Wall. My legs are still screaming. This was my first Leatherman’s Loop but not my last. I’ll be back next year.
From: Franklin, MA
Email: rhaser@…

Tom Connell Monday, 4/29/02, 5:02 PM
Well this was my first time on the loop and boy was it fun…Nothing like the first time! Running was filled with unexpected treats; the muddy hills, the smell of the skunk cabbage, the wall and those well placed streams…wow. It just kick’d my butt. Great job on the course layout. I’m in for next year … don’t forget the rain…it made my day!
From: Pleasantville
Email: connellt@…

judy Monday, 4/29/02, 2:43 PM
Today I have been touched,entertained and delighted by all of the responses and reactions to our 16th annual Leatherman’s Loop. This event not only has length, but real depth for most of us who organize, work or run the race. I can’t belevie that Mitch Stein, the driving force behind the web site posted all those names and finishing times yesterday afternoon. You’re the best Mitch, along with 712 finishers,30 volunteers,county officials and employees,co race directors and long time friends Liz & Dave Cope,and spectators who stayed in the Meadow Field at the pound ridge reservation on an unusual and phenomanal sunday morning in april..many thanks and love to all of you.
From: bedford,new york

E. E. Cummings Monday, 4/29/02, 2:24 PM
i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes

(i who have died am alive again today,
and this is the sun’s birthday; this is the birth
day of life and of love and wings: and of the gay
great happening illimitably earth)

how should tasting touching hearing seeing
breathing any–lifted from the no
of all nothing–human merely being
doubt unimaginable You?

(now the ears of my ears awake and
now the eyes of my eyes are opened)

E. E. Cummings Monday, 4/29/02, 1:55 PM
From: Bedford N. Y.

Alane Monday, 4/29/02, 12:54 PM
As a volunteer for the very first time, I must say that the enthusiasm of the runners made the effort all worth while and the synergy of the volunteer group was terrific. See you next year.
From: Stamford
Email: abikovsky@…

Cheryl Wolff Monday, 4/29/02, 9:36 AM
I really enjoyed the “sick” challenge. The race is one to talk about. I can’t wait for next year. When will the results be posted?
From: Stanford
Email: cwolff@…

Jo Ann Hickey Monday, 4/29/02, 8:43 AM
Well I didn’t come in dead last, but close. Great fun, I don’t know how I can say that about brutal weather, brutal trail, but the people were awesome. Love the t-shirts, whoever designed them, great picture of deer chasing runners! See ya next year. Thanks all the volunteers!
From: South Salem
Email: adkgirl@…

Kate Paletta Monday, 4/29/02, 8:18 AM
Hi Tony and Judy, I just want to THANK YOU both for pulling off another LEATHERMANS LOOP LEGEND OF A RACE.It was a blast!!!!! The rain, the mud, the smiles and laughter, the tepee, the awesome peace t- shirts, the incredible volunteers, wilderness Bob and the video crew, the dedicated # of runners, fans, dogs etc………and of course the magical Pound Ridge Reservation and trails. I missed hanging out at the Rez after running the race this year due to the rain—-but I was wet and FREEZING. Thanks for joining us at the brunch afterwards. We are your #1 fans. Love, Kate & Mike Paletta and the boys.
From: Bedford, NY
Email: Hhaukp@…

Harry Roney Monday, 4/29/02, 8:08 AM
To the organizers: THANK YOU so much!!! My first time. Humbling and fun all at the same time. No mile markers, no clocks in site and during the race you don’t really care. I’ll sum it up in four words: See you next year!
From: Pleasantville
Email: roneyville@…

john krasniewicz Monday, 4/29/02, 6:56 AM
one of the best leathermans in years! thanks to tony and his crew for a fun race–see you next year.
From: old greenwich

Paul Nicholson Monday, 4/29/02, 6:19 AM
First time runner. Not just in this race, but any race anwhere. Had a total blast. The race was well put together and really well designed. But it was brutal! I mean brutal. I have redefined what I consider cold. This was easily the most physically difficult hour I have ever experienced on many levels. I love the mud though!! And the “splash down” was kick ass!! See ya next year!
From: Long Island
Email: paul.nicholson@…

Coach Sutton Sunday, 4/28/02, 8:30 PM
First time running the race and the race was a blast to say the least. The race is a harsh reminder that you can always be in better shape! One quick concern: I didn’t mind running in the rain (actually enjoyed it), but I did mind being in my racing attire at 9:00 and waiting until 9:12 or so for the race to start. I don’t mean to complain, but I know many runners feel that a race needs to go off on time, especially when you have conditions like the ones we had today! Great job by everyone… Steve Sutton
From: Rockland County
Email: tzxc@…

Sunday, 4/28/02, 7:58 PM
Thanks to all of the RUNNERS who came out in the rainy, sloppy conditions. Those who didn’t attend because of the rain don’t know what FUN they missed. We saw some of the best running conditions anyone could ask for. The RESULTS have been posted to the web site. Thanks for your patience as the wet weather made it impossible to display the results outside the teepee as we usually do.
Email: leathermansloop@…

Alan Kelly Sunday, 4/28/02, 6:17 PM
Ijust wanted to say that this race is one of the most challenging and fun ones I have dome in a while. It was well organized and whoever designed the course is truly one sick individual!!! I had a blast and all the other runners I spoke with after the run echoed that sentiment. Can’t wait for the official results to see how I did but I will c ertainly be back next year. Great job to the organizers.
From: New York, New York
Email: akelly01@…

shannon police Sunday, 4/28/02, 5:18 PM
great race! couldn’t ask for muckier conditions. that mud was relentless today. exciting to sludge through it. definitely got the adrenaline going (or was i just scared?)! can’t wait for next year. let’s hope we don’t have to wait for last minute rain again. stay healthy, -sp-
From: stamford, ct
Email: spolice973@…

Rob C. Sunday, 4/28/02, 4:04 PM
I have just arrived back @ my dorm in college, and I already miss the Great trails of the Pound Ridge Reservation. I want to personally thank all the race organizers and volunteers for putting on such a great show today despite the “great” weather. This was by far the most fun I’ve had in my 3 years of running this race. I hope I can come back next year and run well. Once again thanks to everyone – Rob C.
From: Mt. Kisco

Sunday, 4/28/02, 3:35 PM
each year when i come back my daughter wants to run it

Drew Bradley Sunday, 4/28/02, 1:28 PM
What a great race, yet again. The running gods shine (in this case rain)on you organizers. Everyone else prays for rain in the drought, but you guys can actually summon proper race conditions. My absolute favorite race of the year. Thanks to all the hard working volunteers who made it so much fun for the runners. Also,thank you Ken Littlefield for a pull on the Jack Daniels when my shivering in the post-race cold kept slopping the coffee out of my cup.
From: Norwalk, CT
Email: dbradley@…

fred Sunday, 4/28/02, 1:13 PM
From: ny, ny

Tony Thursday, 4/25/02, 3:37 AM
As A Fox Lane graduate,I loved the comment by Rob C..It’s also good to see that John K. is keeping his Loop training in his normal but somewhat unique prospective. Dave Cope and I have been busy setting up and will pitch the tee-pee tqmorrow. Your race organizers and all of their volunteer friends are trying to prepare for A field of between 1000 and 1200 runners. With A possibility of rain thrown in, we need your patience and your prayers to pull this off.I thank all of you for loving this event as much as I do. My wish for each of you is to have A great time on Sunday and to take home more than just your finishing time. Bless you all, Tony
From: Bedford N.Y.
Email: acgodino@…

Rob C. Wednesday, 4/24/02, 6:53 PM
This is one of the greatest races I’ve ever done. I’m currently a soph in College and I ran this race my junior and senior years in HS. I was 3rd (or maybe 4th) my senior year. I’m currently in the middle of a bussy Div. I season but I’m trying to get there this sunday and run it for fun. Either way in the past 4 years Fox Lane HS has had several runners present and this year will be no different. Please keep the race going, because if not this year eventually I’ll find my way back to those beautiful trails.
From: Mt. Kisco
Email: Airrob45@…

john krasniewicz Tuesday, 4/23/02, 7:21 AM
i just ran the boston marathon as a training run for the leatherman’s loop—see you all on sunday.
From: old greenwich
Email: johnkraz@…

Tony Monday, 4/22/02, 3:58 PM
Nothing about the Loop will be changed.There will be no corporate presence at the race.There will be no slick high speed computerized scoring.And there will be no mile markers! There will however be afew small surprises.More to follow if time allows. Keep your comments comming,Tony
From: B
Email: acgodino@…

Mitch Monday, 4/22/02, 1:18 PM
Doug and Shannon, Thank you for your support! The tradition of the Leatherman’s Loop is one of the reasons that people return year after year. There is a different feel to each section of the course. To tag a number in the form of a mile marker to Deer Hollow or the Pine Forest goes against the nature of the experience of running the Loop. I look forward to seeing you next Sunday. —Mitch
From: Stamford

Doug Goldblatt Monday, 4/22/02, 11:38 AM
Tony and Mitch, Don’t change a thing. No mile markers are needed for this race, they never have been and they never should be. This will be my 13th Loop and I like to have it the same way every year, hard, extreme and just you and the trail and the water and the mud… Pray for rain this week all. The muddier the better. See you on Sunday, Doug Goldblatt
From: Waltham, MA
Email: d.e.goldblatt@…

shannon Monday, 4/22/02, 9:13 AM
mitch, i think mile markers are obsolete and not really appropriate for a race like this. like the other guy said, let’s keep it rustic. as for the lack of mud/rain, maybe today’s storm will wettin’ it up. stay healthy, -sp-
From: stamford, CT
Email: spolice973@…

Coach Steve Sutton Sunday, 4/21/02, 6:34 PM
A couple of quick questions: 1) What is the minimum age for racing ? 2) There is a $8 fee for parking. Is that the same for buses? Can buses enter the park? I coach Track at Tappan Zee and will be bringing up 5-10 students to run the course with me. I am looking forward to the race. See you all there! Steve Sutton
From: Tappan Zee High school
Email: tzxc@…

Alan Kelly Sunday, 4/21/02, 1:20 PM
I agree that mile markers are not appropriate for a trail run. Keep the run as “rustic” as possible. That is part of the appeal. Thanks.
From: NY Flyers
Email: akelly01@…

Mitch Sunday, 4/21/02, 9:31 AM
There have been requests to post mile markers at this year’s race. I feel that to do so will alter the feel of the race. What do others feel?
Email: xiniamitch@…

Tony Friday, 4/19/02, 1:54 PM
Looks like 1,000 runners looking for mud and not that much to be found.We need two or three days of heavy pre-race rain.It’s the one thing your race organizers can’t control.Rick Hubbell is in for no. 16, and now all of our long timers are accounted for.This years race and shirt have a peace theme and a pre-race blessing will be led by first time looper and beloved friend Danny Martin.More to follow soon, Tony
From: Bedford

shannon police Thursday, 4/18/02, 2:03 PM
with the current drought, does the course look to be as shoe-sucking muddy as usual? hope so! wouldn’t be fun if i didn’t lose a shoe or two. can’t wait for the date! stay healthy, -sp-
From: stamford, CT
Email: spolice973@…

Tony Monday, 4/8/02, 3:36 AM
Your race organizers wish to thank the following runners who are long time loop supporters and will be running again this year.Joe Stanley (15),Bob Goldblatt(14),Roger Borsett(13),Doug Goldblatt(10 plus),Nick Ohnell(10 plus),Rich Slingerland(many),Bill Bradsell(many),Mike and Kate Paletta(many plus work the race).Notable runners missing from the race so far are.Rick Hubbell (15),Lisa Loprinza(10 plus),and Lee Saroken(10 plus).If you feel you belong in this group please let us know so you can officially join the 10 loop club. More to follow soon,
From: Bedford N. Y.
Email: acgodino@…

Alan Kelly Friday, 4/5/02, 7:22 AM
I was directed to your race and web site by a woman who ran your race last year. She said although she had a “crummy” finishing time, she had a blast! She was so enthusiastic about this event, I told myself I had to try it. Not being a trail runner, I am so excited about doing the run on 4/28/02. By the way, good web site from both an information as well as presentation viewpoint. We have a couple of carloads of runners coming up so see you then.We look forward to getting muddy!!!!
From: NYC/NY Flyers Running Club
Email: akelly01@…

tony Monday, 4/1/02, 5:03 PM
loop headquaters is buzzing with enthusiasm for this years race. we thank the three hundred of you who have allready registered to run.there are a few small surprises in store for you this year but i am not at liberty to say anything at this time. more to follow soon. tony
From: bedford n.y.
Email: acgodino@…

Ken Sunday, 3/31/02, 10:35 AM
Mud is a good thing…Ran for the first time last year and we had a blast, can’t wait for the 28th. This race is a must!! We need more races like this one.
From: midland park, nj
Email: kckendo@…

Saturday, 3/30/02, 9:15 PM
We ran the course this morning and can assure you that it is in good condition. With April showers, the mud will be just right and the stream crossings challenging.
Email: leathermansloop@…

dave Friday, 3/29/02, 1:42 PM
I ran this race 3 times already. I think we need some more river crossings. I mean, waist and neck high. lets make it a better course for us adventious humans.
From: medowbrook

Mitch Sunday, 3/24/02, 7:46 AM
We’re getting excited about this year’s event!!! More than 100 pre-entries received to date (last year at this time, we hadn’t yet received any). Next Saturday morning, a group of us plan to run the course. Anyone who’d like to join us, meet us in the parking lot near the starting line at 9:00AM, on March 30. Wilderness Bob has begun to choreograph the videotaping of the event. We hope to include a fly- over view of the start. Looking forward to seeing you all!!
From: Leatherman Harriers
Email: leathermansloop@…

Mike Paletta Tuesday, 3/12/02, 5:58 PM
Great web site for a great race. Looking foward to April 28th, hopeing for lots of rain before the race!
From: BGreat Web Siteedford

Mike Paletta Tuesday, 3/12/02, 5:53 PM
walter desind Sunday, 3/3/02, 12:08 PM
Great race. Look foward to running it this year.
From: paramus, nj
Email: mbzd@…

Roger Wednesday, 2/27/02, 7:49 AM
Enjoyed finding this site. I have run the Loop from the first and wiht one year out for travel in Europe have run every run at increasing finishing times. Either I am not training properly or, ?? could it be age catching up?
From: Anderson
Email: roger.anderson@…

Manuel Luna Tuesday, 2/26/02, 8:48 AM
I have entered this race 3yrs in a row. Last year I had to carry a friend out after twisting his ankle. We still had a great time and will return again this year. I think you should take more pictures including the people being taken to the hospital. I have some of my friend if you would like to post them.
From: Agawam, Ma
Email: www.prs927@…

Gerry Sullivan Saturday, 2/23/02, 10:23 AM
Greatest Race Ever!
From: White Plains
Email: Fordhamcoach@…

Friday, 2/8/02, 5:29 AM
Bob, Thanks for the feedback on the site. We’ll post more pictures. -Mitch
Email: leathermansloop@…

Bob Goldblatt Thursday, 1/31/02, 4:06 PM
Love the site need more pictures
From: New Canaan
Email: bobg@…

Leatherman Harriers Sunday, 1/13/02, 10:08 AM
Hi Rick, I checked with Tony who went back to the original chart of results. Your time was 1:03:58 and the place was 329. By the way, Patrick’s was 1:01:37 and his place was 280. Unfortunately, your name was mis-spelled in the results posted to the Web Site (Hubble instead of Hubbell). Sorry about the incorrect spelling. We’ll correct it the next time that we update the Web Site. Regards, Mitch
Email: leathermansloop@…

Rick Hubbell Saturday, 1/12/02, 11:34 AM
Great site, but you left me out of the 2001 results. After finishing all 15 loops, I Know I was slow in 2001, but not slow enough not to be in the results. I think my time was 1:09.50. Thanks, Rick
From: North Haven, CT.
Email: DHUB63@…

Mitch Stein Saturday, 9/15/01, 11:23 AM
I have run the Leatherman’s Loop in the past and enjoyed it tremendously.
From: Stamford, CT
Email: xiniamitch@…