Some Final Thoughts on the 25th Loop

“And for a moment, I stood motionless, listening, understanding, left with only a wisp of myself, as the wind blew into my tear-filled eyes. I run deeper into the woods that laced a canopy above me, clouds joined together with sky. I follow a trail, listening to  winged songs, savoring the sweetness, a soothing scent … Read more

Reflections: The Loop at Twenty Five

“Beauty before me as I run Beauty behind me as I run…” These are the first two lines of the blessing – actually a Celtic-Navajo chant – that we use to begin the Leatherman’s Loop, the long and muddy 10k race in the Pound Ridge Reservation in NY that began 25 years ago with ninety … Read more

Old Message Board Posts

Pre-Facebook — and two iterations before this website — the Leatherman Harriers had a basic discussion board on the original Loop website (2001-2008). These are postings from the prior board… all text is saved. Some of the news postings from the Leatherman Harriers are also posted separately on this website as newsletter entries. The most recent entries are … Read more