How Do You Train?: Betsy Sluder Preserve

imageThe Betsy Sluder Preserve is in Armonk, NY off of Old Route 22.  The park stretches behind the old Armonk Bowl and as a bonus – it features one of the Leatherman’s many caves.  It is a 70 acre park with around a 1.5 mile perimeter trail.  The Leatherman’s cave is in the southern part of the preserve and is off the marked trails.  Head for the rocky outcropping if you are interested in taking a look.  Bring a flashlight.

Directions: US 684 to exit 3S for Route 22 south. Follow Route 22 south and then turn right onto Route 128 (Main Street, Armonk). Turn at the first street on the left (Old Route 22). Parking for the preserve is just southwest of the intersection with Birdsall Farm Drive on the right side.

A few fall photos taken in the preserve are here:

A good description of the preserve is located here:

From the site:

Ridge Trail. The walker can take a circular walk going counter clockwise. Head west on the Red trail. The hiker goes through a narrow alley between businesses on the left and private suburban houses on the right. The alley takes the hiker to a rocky, hilly area. The red trail passes on the side of Agnew pond, which is dammed. Take a right onto the green trail, which intersects with the red trail. Turn east (left) to the red trail again. Turn right onto the yellow trail which heads back to the red trail. Turn right onto the red trail. This will take you back to the first intersection of the red and green trails. Turn right and head back to the parking area.


This preserve is a good add on for runners who work in Armonk-based businesses such as IBM, Swiss Re, and other fine establishments.  It is an easy run from the IBM HQ building (see map) and a quick 2 minute drive from Swiss Re.

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