Two Weeks To Go!

Leatherman’s Loop News, Volume 29, Issue 1 29th Leatherman’s Loop in 2 Weeks! To: Everyone who is registered for the 2015 Leatherman’s Loop: The snow is finally melted… the river is cold and flowing swiftly… birds are chirping… peepers are peeping… the new leaves and flowers are the color of spring! Time for the 29th running of … Read more

28th Loop Tomorrow!

Leatherman’s Loop News Volume 28 Issue 3: Loop Tomorrow! “A foot-boggling array of obstacles strategically placed by nature to impede forward motion of the swift and sure-footed kind.” To All Registered Runners: The course is marked and ready to go…  We hope you are too!  The course is in great shape and ready for the … Read more

Welcome to the 26th Leatherman’s Loop

The Leatherman Harriers are already at the park right now (5:30am) setting up.  Some of the volunteers (and even some runners!) spent overnight camping at the park campsites. If you missed the logistics email and are looking for detailed directions or guidance, check this article. If you are looking for a map and directions – check … Read more

Links to Trail Maps for Parks and Preserves in and around Westchester County

[Redirect should take you to the most up to date version of this page here:]  We have collected a lot of trail maps from local parks over the years. We can never seem to find the right map when needed though so we started collecting the PDF files or JPG files of these maps and … Read more

Where Do You Train?: Old Field Preserve

Old Field Preserve is a 100 acre preserve added to the local greenways in 2003 and was known as the Houlihan property.  It is bordered by Route 35 and Mead Street in South Salem, NY about 2 miles from the Ridgefield, CT border.  It has 2.5 miles of mostly flat trails mixing fields and woods.  … Read more

Local Area Trail Training Runs Recap

2012 UPDATE: Check this page for Westchester County (and area) trail maps from 26+ parks and preserves. Below is a listing of the trail run articles we put together earlier this year.  If you have any to add, please let us know so we can check them out. UPDATE: Here is a link to the … Read more

How Do You Train?: The Burden Preserve

The town of New Castle recently acquired a great open space area off of Route 128 south of Ben & Jerry’s in Mt. Kisco.  The property used to belong to William Burden, the ambassador to Belgium under Dwight Eisenhower. It was purchased by the Town of New Castle as part of its open space program.  … Read more

How Do You Train?: Mountain Lakes Camp

Update: The County has updated their trail map and website. New map (which is MUCH better than the old one) can be found here: We also have it on our site at this page: The 1,082 acre Mountain Lakes Park is Westchester’s northernmost county park.  Located on Hawley Road in North Salem, the … Read more