How Do You Train?: Audubon Center in Greenwich

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The Audubon Center in Greenwich is located at 613 Riversville Road.  The center is 522 total acres and has a perimeter trail of approximately 2.5 miles. With connecting trails and nearby dirt roads it is possible to create a run of just about any distance up to 5 miles.  There are other Audubon properties with marked trails in Greenwich, two of which are nearby.  The main center and one other property (with a 2.5 mile one-way run) are marked on the map shown here. 

On the “Other Sanctuaries” page of their website there is information about purchasing a gude to the seven Audubon (as well as other preserve) sites:  “For detailed directions and visitor information about these sites and other hiking areas in the region, purchase a copy of Walking Trails in Greenwich and Surrounding Areas ($15) from the Audubon Nature Gift Store.”

The center seems to be OK with 2 or fewer joggers on the trails but larger groups are not permitted.  Absolutely no pets are allowed since the properties are bird sanctuaries and study areas.  See the Self-Guided Group guidelines for more details.

The perimeter trail at the main Greenwich Audubon center on Riversville Road starts in the west meadow near the parking lot.  Check the trail map just north of the parking lot to plan your hike/run. 

The trail heads north from the parking lot, paralleling Riversville Road for a bit less than a mile.  It turns eastward and has several splits along the way.  If you keep taking the left hand turns, you will stay on the perimeter.  There is one trail that joins up with Sterling Road (a dirt road).  If you find yourself on Sterling, just turn around and head back to the trail. 

The trail heads eastward from the Sterling link and then gently turns back south.  You will encounter some seasonal ponds and some year-round ponds.  There are a number of trails that connect back across the center back to the first trail.  Keep making left turns to stay on the perimeter and eventually you will find yourself back close to John Street.  There are several private residences near the trail so be careful not to trespass. 

You will come out below the Audubon Center building.  Loop around it to the north and you will find yourself back in the parking lot. 

Occasionally the center opens their land for deer control hunting.  There will be ample signs to this effect if and when it happens.  It may seem obvious, but avoid the center at these times!

Happy Running!