Quick Note: Loop Equinox

Leatherman’s Loop Runners,

Hope everyone has cooled down from the 2009 Leatherman’s Loop.  It has been six months since then and it is now just about six months until the next Loop! 

The Loop has traditionally been held on the fourth Sunday in April which is April 25, 2010 next year.  This is likely the date for next year but we will officially let you know once it has been finalized with Westchester County and the Reservation. 

imageOver the years a number of runners have asked about getting the old Loop results online.  Good news: we have gathered and photographed all of the results boards from 1987-2004 and posted them to a photo gallery at the website.  Check the site to get your time from 1995 or 1991.  See if your buddy really did a sub-hour run in the 1999 Loop.  It is quite a collection!  Thanks to Tony and Judy Godino for keeping the boards archived and safe over the past 20+ years. 

The online results archives are readable (they are photos) but not searchable (they are not typed up).  The next phase in this project is to divide the boards up and get members of the Loop crowd to transcribe them a bit at a time.  If anyone wants to help out with getting this done or has any ideas that will help divide up the work, let us know.

That’s it for now.  Keep running those trails

Mike, Kate, Tony, Rob, and the rest of the Leatherman Harriers