The Beauty of the Loop: Taking the Next Step

imageOne’s relationship to nature is a deeply personal experience, whether it’s a walk in the park, or along the river, or under a summer night’s sky, or whether it’s the Loop.  In every case, I think, the common theme is beauty.  As I said at the Loop, the person who can see this beauty in everything is a happy person.

At the same time our relationship to nature is also a collective reality. We need all of these wonderful expressions of nature – this beauty –  in order not only to survive but also to thrive, for nature nurtures our souls as well as our bodies. In other words, people who can see this beauty in things will create a community that preserves and cultivates it.

Some of us are looking for ways to do that – to take the next step – to breathe this spirit of beauty and connection into our lives. Join us at the Summer Solstice event for an evening of fun and meaning where we will make the connections between our deep experiences and HOW best to live together on this earth so that our children will also know this beauty.

Danny Martin
Loop Spiritual Advisor