24 Years of Clickable Results

We think you are going to like the latest addition to the Leatherman’s Loop website!

During 2009-2011, Friend of the Loop Mel Cowgill painstakingly transcribed the 14 years of results that existed only on the original results boards. We took photographs of the pre-website results posters as created on the day of the Loop.  Mel took on the task and delivered 1-2 per month throughout 2010.  Check the main results page link to the right for access to the whole set in the traditional format.

After this was done, we cleaned up the files and created a master file of all 13,000+ finishes in the same consistent format.  From there, another dedicated trail runner, Dan Cummings, took the data and created a clickable interface to view these results in an interactive format.

Click below to access the 24 years of clickable results. When you find your name, click on your last name and then the “All Years” link to view all of your results from past years. Similar links can be used to view all of the different groupings (Age, Gender, Year, etc.). Let us know in the comments what you think and if we can make any improvements.

To reset all participants in the set, click the top link “Leatherman’s Loop Clickable Results.”