Finisher Last Names

We used the last names of finishers from the Loop over the last 24 years to produce this picture using—a website that makes word pictures out of text. The larger the last name the more finishes people with that last name have. (The only exception is “Smith” which was too big—due to it being a very common name—so we removed a bunch to scale it down a bit.)

Lots of familiar names on there… Families with multiple runners show up in greater numbers. The father-son team of Bob and Doug Goldblatt are prominent. As are the 25 timers, Rick Hubbell and Joe Stanley along with 22 timer Roger Borsett and 20 timer Nick Ohnell. The Debanys, Andersons, Morgans, Kapps, Iselins, and Kanes are there too along with James Riley, Kraz, Steadman, Esposito, and Munoz . There are 200 last names represented. Can you find yours?