Muddiest Runners – Class of 2023

Congratulations to the Leatherman’s Loop Class of 2023 “Muddiest Runners” — 34 very muddy trail runners who have entered the Muddiest Runner tier of Leatherman’s Loop-dom.

They achieved this by completing SEVEN Loops as of 2023. They join over 550 other runners (out of 27,000+ loop finishes) who have reached or exceeded this high mud marker.

See the entire list of Muddiest Runners here:

….and congratulations to the 35 runners below for earning their muddy stripes in 2023!:

Teren Block (2011-2023)
Jason Braun (2014-2023)
Tom Bromage (2015-2023) [active streak]
Gerard Cahalan (2013-2023)
Brian Clinton (2015-2023) [active streak]
Joseph Cloidt (2014-2023)
Sawyer Cummings (2013-2023)
Tom Curley (2014-2023)
Dan Delannoy (2014-2023)
Leigh Druckenmiller (1992-2023)
Harrison Dunne (2004-2023)
Brett Feller (2015-2023) [active streak]
Lindsey Felling (2012-2023)
Eric Foxhall (2015-2023) [active streak]
Eric Friedland (2014-2023)
Bill Gilligan (2002-2023)
Bill Hartnett (2008-2023)
Todd Henrich (2013-2023)
David Hulme (2013-2023)
Paul Lynch (2010-2023)
Dean Neumann (2013-2023)
Andrea O’Brien (2015-2023) [active streak]
Kelley O’Day (2012-2023)
william perillo (2006-2023)
David Prince (1997-2023)
Margaret Puccio (2013-2023)
Daniel Robinson (2014-2023)
Scott Sabo (2015-2023) [active streak]
Will Sargisson (2012-2023)
Mark Swan (2013-2023)
Juan Tacuri (2012-2023)
Eric Turkewitz (2013-2023)
John Walsh (2014-2023)
Alan Wegener (2013-2023)
Jacob Weitzman (2015-2023) [active streak]

The next steps after muddiest runner-hood:

  • 10 or more Loops — gets you the coveted “Red Stripe Bib” whenever you run the Loop in the future.
    • 274 Loop runners have reached this milestone — with 123 of those runners participating in the latest year (and 20 newly joining the 10+ club).
  • 20 or more Loops — if you sign up and you have more than 20 loops you get your tenure in years as your bib number — unless you already have a favored number already designated.
    • 29 Loop runners have reached this milestone (5 new this year: George “Cannonball” Buchanan, Jo Ann Hickey, Mark Stefanov, Kerry Tomson, and John Trunik) — with 19 of the 29 running in the latest year.
    • We have a rare edition 20+ Loop Club baseball hat that these runners are eligible to receive. If you are one of the 29 and don’t have this cap, contact us or email We are having a new batch printed