Leatherman’s Loop Contact Form

See our FAQ list here. If you have a question it might be answered there.

There are a few ways to keep in touch:

1.) Submit your email address (link below) if you want to get notified about Leatherman’s Loop and related news.  Make sure leathermansloop (at) gmail.com is in your address book so our emails to you don’t get tagged as spam.
2.) Become a friend of the Leatherman on Facebook.  This has an advantage over email since updates won’t get blocked by Spam filters.  However, it is only useful if you use Facebook.
3.) Follow the Leatherman on Twitter. We will post news and registration links to Twitter along with the occasional random nugget. We will use the hashtags #LeathermansLoop and #RunTheFarm for those events.
4.) Check the website, especially in late December and early January each year for news and important dates to note. (Add a calendar reminder for December 26th to check back here!)

Registration for the Loop is separate from the email notification list.  When you send us a note here, we will add your email to the Main Loop Mailing List we use for general notifications.

For 2012 we are going to use a full lottery for Leatherman’s Loop race registration.

We will remind everyone on the Main Loop Mailing List a week or so before the lottery registration opens via an email reminder and updates on this website.  As always, we apologize in advance if you are shut out of the race due to space constraints.


Note: In the past some folks have unfortunately not received our notification emails.  We know from experience that emails have a way of getting missed, tagged as spam, lost in a job change, or simply not delivered.  We have no way of knowing who is not receiving our emails.  It is your responsibility to check back at the site if you are interested in running the Loop.

Please check our Loop FAQ listing—a question you have might be answered already in there.  If you have any other questions not covered there, let us know.  We usually read each of the submissions here as they come in.  If you have a question, we will get back to you in a (somewhat) timely manner.

As we get closer to the race we get a significant number of questions that boil down to “I know it’s late. Can I get in?”  or “Can I swap spots with someone else?” or “Can I defer my entry until next year?” We are sorry but can’t accommodate these requests.

In the weeks leading up to the Loop, we don’t always have time to respond individually (especially if your question is answered above or in the FAQ!) as things get very busy around that time of year.

You can remove your name from our mailing list at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of any email you receive from us. We only use your email for race & related communications and will not sell the list to anyone ever.

Hope to see you soon!  Peace.