Some Final Thoughts on the 25th Loop

“And for a moment, I stood motionless, listening, understanding, left with only a wisp of myself, as the wind blew into my tear-filled eyes. I run deeper into the woods that laced a canopy above me, clouds joined together with sky. I follow a trail, listening to  winged songs, savoring the sweetness, a soothing scent … Read more

Reflections: The Loop at Twenty Five

“Beauty before me as I run Beauty behind me as I run…” These are the first two lines of the blessing – actually a Celtic-Navajo chant – that we use to begin the Leatherman’s Loop, the long and muddy 10k race in the Pound Ridge Reservation in NY that began 25 years ago with ninety … Read more

25 Years of Loop T-shirts

Chronological gallery of Leatherman’s Loop T-shirts from 1987 – present. Runners have located and photographed samples of the last 4 missing shirts (1992, 1994, 1998, 1999). THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR PITCHING IN TO GET THIS TOGETHER!! UPDATE: Thanks go out to Glenn McCabe who dug out and photographed his 1998 t-shirt. UPDATE 2: Thanks to … Read more

Thanks to everyone – today was a great day!

Joe Stanley and Rick Hubbell finish their 25th consecutive LoopResults are at the bottom of the writeup below. Leave your comments below about the Loop and the day.

Tommy Nohilly won his 7th Leatherman’s Loop today in 38:40.  Ann MacDonald won her first Loop today in 48:49. Congrats to them both!  Joe Stanley and Rick Hubbell finished their 25th consecutive Loop this year. Both runners have finished every Loop since 1987 when the Leatherman’s Loop was founded.

Thanks to the park staff, the Lewisboro Volunteer Ambulance Corps, and the Loop volunteers!

Some runner reports (keep ‘em coming!):

• A HUGE deer was spotted bounding through the line of runners by Dr Stu and other runners – almost taking out 11 year old Dillon Aryeh but thankfully missing!  It’s been 10 years since 11 year old “Buck” Farro’s collision in 2001 (what is it about 11 year olds and deer in the Loop?). Glad it wasn’t repeated. Dillon went on to finish the Loop in 55:41, an amazing time and good for 5th in his division. Race organizers conferred and awarded him a pie for fastest-youngest-possibly-ever runner.

• A bunch of minor injuries were noted and at least one serious ankle injury was reported. Can injured folks or friends contact us so we can follow up with those runners to see how they fared?

• Guido Zgraggen shared his race report here:

• Douglas Hegley shared his race report here:

• Joanna Kutler has some Loop video and photos in her recent blog post here:

• Todd Jennings wrote an article for the New York Examiner about the Leatherman’s Loop.

• Jon Berry posted a story on his blog “Insight Trails” about this year’s loop.

• Dawn Moore took hundreds of photos at splashdown and shared them with runners. Thanks Dawn!

• Check the 2011 Photo page for comprehensive photo coverage from the Start of the Loop to the First River Crossing to the Mud Flats to Splashdown and some locales in between!

• Christy and Dean Leggierro led a team of videographers stationed around the course in strategic spots. Thanks to them as well as John Cummings, Chris Reinke, Miguel Leggiero, and Nick Leshi.  Christy and Dean are planning to get a Leatherman’s 25th anniversary video into production. World premiere to be announced some time in the future on this very website!

• Frank Colella did a Loop write up on his blog Run Dangerously.

• Many comments and photos are coming in through the Leatherman’s Loop facebook page. If you post a photo and are friends with the Leatherman you can ‘tag’ the photo as having the Leatherman in it and the photo will be shared with others who are friends on facebook. If you are not ‘friends’ with the Loop on Facebook just do a friend request.

• Benjamin Funk was the youngest boy finisher for the day, he just turned 9 a few weeks ago. Congratulations Benjamin!

• Sophia Meloni, 10, was youngest girl finisher for the third year in a row. Well done Sophia!

• Oldest finisher was Ian Beck. At 75 he had 5 years on his closest competition today.

• If you have photos you can send us we have put up a photo page for the 2011 Loop on this site. Full photo credits given! For small groups of photos you can send via email to For larger groups or larger photos (up to 25 files at a time) go to the free service and send your pictures to our email address through them.  You can also contact us for an address to send a CD/DVD to. Thanks in advance!

• UPDATE: Results added below (click link below to see).

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4 days til Loop!

Leatherman’s Loop News, Volume 25, Issue 3: Four Days til Loop! All Registered Loop Runners: Four days and counting… Here are some handy maps and directions that should help you get on your way to the Loop. Bib pickup will begin at 7AM on the day of the Loop.  Bibs are kept in alphabetical order … Read more